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  1. Answered Stream error

    Hi, I am having huge problems with connection to the game - I only get a window of between 1-5 minutes before I get 'stream error' and have to refresh! I have tried everything - updating my windows, scanning for threats, cleaning the system, optimizing - then the same with my phone (which is my...
  2. Gnome warriors have one space left!

    One place left for an active player looking for fair trade, regular activity and fellowship assistance. We would prefer player that have got to chapter 6 (Dwarves) or 7 (Fairies) as a minimum, but will consider if you are close to these levels and willing to work towards advancement in the game-...
  3. Answered Colouring competition?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what happened to the colouring competition - I downloaded, printed and have coloured the cat and soldier image - now I can't find where to post it!!??? Prize was 300 diamonds! Cheers, pepper16:confused: