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  1. Answered How does the new NH system work exactly.

    I need an idiots guide, nothing looks any different on my PC
  2. Answered Changes to NH interface?

    I see no difference on my PC, do I need to do something special, a new button to press perhaps ? Is there somewhere on this forum where it is explained properly ?
  3. Moonstone looking for active members

    Open again for 1 more member, we now achieve 6 chests and still growing :)
  4. Looking for active Winyandor FS

    Thank you for the kind offer but i have already accepted another invitation.
  5. Moonstone looking for active members

    Easy-going Fellowship looking for active members. Currently members with scores up to 43K. Looking for new members with Marble or Crystal boosts that participate in tournaments, willing to join in the chat and a min score of 1k. We achieve 5 chests every week and with you probably 6 :) We are...
  6. Looking for an active fellowship that does tourney's

    I play every day, boosts are Marble, Crystal, Gems. Score of 106k, tourney min is 750 weekly (usually more). Fair trader 2* or above only. Looking for an active fellowship that gets 7 to 10 chests every week.
  7. Active player seeking new fellowship

    Hi, Boosted goods Marble, Crystal, Gems. Looking for an active fellowship, I play and visit fellows every day, score 18,387, put up and accept 2* trades only. E-mail me in game if you think I would be a good fit in your fellowship Thanks Hysterix