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Recent content by Warren Piece

  1. 3x Faster Productions in 24h

    Pro: awesome way to finally spend those MM spells (if you have the time) Contra: huge drain for supplies, and even if you have the time to fully exploit this, without instants, you're screwed Also, am I going to be able to start a 16h (aka 2d) production at the end of this "event" and collect...
  2. Update Discussion Version 1.51

    You guys missed a bunch of announcements for mobile: - treasure chests from NH - tournaments - Ancient wonders Better fix that soon...
  3. User Interface 'Next neighbour' hotkey/button

    I don't see the point of this, either give us neighbor/fellowship/friend bar like in FoE, or apply app design to browser. Also, this random picking of next NH sounds more like a bug then a feature, and we had plenty of those...
  4. World Map Move long-term inactive players

    Well, it's a lie I choose to believe in. Because the truth is far worse than any one of us can even imagine. Come on Elvenar 2.0
  5. World Map Move long-term inactive players

    +1 on principle, but this is not likely to happen
  6. Answered Builders hut, upgrades and extra builders

    In short: yes, upgrading builder's hut is the same as unlocking another builder (500 for the 3rd, 1000 for 4th, 1500 for 5th, 3000 total)
  7. Ancient Wonders AW scouting rewards applied to tournaments

    Because scouting in later stages becomes very rare (or with players who have overscouted non-existant), the usefulness of "reward per scout" prize makes ToS and Enar's Embassy rather undesirable (waste of space). To make them more desirable and useful I propose that their "reward per scout"...
  8. Discussion The Phoenix Cult

    Hero's forge comes at the end of Orcs chapter, I need orcs at the beginning. And the thing you are forgetting here is that any event building (even if it's trash to you) give you FREE (i.e. no supplies needed) orcs with 0 ("zero") population used and both orc strategist and orc vortex were 8...
  9. Discussion The Phoenix Cult

    I don't really care about these extra pop or culture buildings and I only participate in the events for time boosters, but now i have come to a point in game where a very poor prize diversity affects me personally. How come we only get free orcs buildings during winter event? There was an orc...
  10. Suggestions for Fellowship Adventures

    1. decide if you want a stage to be a level of difficulty, so that low level FSs know they can only finish 1 or 2 stages, or if a path should be a level of difficulty, so that everyone can finish e.g. green path on all 3 stages, but only high level FSs can finish all paths, 2. get rid of the...
  11. Update Discussion Version 1.48

    Sorry, my bad, but that only happened to me once on browser (linux+chrome)
  12. Update Discussion Version 1.48

    that's because mobile hasn't been updated yet.
  13. Update Discussion Version 1.48

    :D :supply::supply::supply: Next; the AWs, tournaments and treasure chests...
  14. New Game Features UI Suggestion

    Innogames logic: crappy UI=difficulty, so happen not gonna!!! +1 for the effort though
  15. KP rewards

    +1 for this, maybe if we nag Inno about this like we did with town names in NH for mobile it will happen sooner (since it's basically the same thing). building on this, I also support Lelanya's contribution, we need a better tool for keeping track of AW donations