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Recent content by Vetrinus

  1. Vetrinus

    Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    First of all, even though I knew it was allowed, I opened a ticket to support before starting my farms up, and they confirmed it was perfectly allowed and not "grey area cheating". As a matter of fact I opened two tickets on the matter, one of which because I wanted to try humans and I had...
  2. Vetrinus

    Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    The good: the artwork and fixed, non-infinite questline. Very doable in both the endgame and earlier chapters, well balanced, good job. And the ability to turn the useless coldfire stuff into the potentially useful old ones, just in case someone needed one or two more levels in their Firechicken...
  3. Vetrinus

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Two more wonders focusing on ranking points? You gotta be kidding me. The only use I could possibly see in the Spire AW is an alternative to the ToS for lategame players who want even more KPs, however given long it'll be for the investment to repay itself it's likely that only those who push...
  4. Vetrinus

    Discussion Multiplayer in the Spire of Eternity

    Not in Elvenar's implementation outside of the minor things I mentioned, as far as I'm concerned. In this form, it serves only to fuel addiction, create FOMO and exploit those who are prone to gambling. It might be good in other forms - random/procedurally generated maps for other kind of games...
  5. Vetrinus

    Discussion Multiplayer in the Spire of Eternity

    I'd like to see a little less randomness involved and perhaps more appealing rewards for the last chest, as to make the full climb appealing/feasible for the average player (it currently isn't). That'd also make more hardcore players happier, seeing as how they can't carry others through...
  6. Vetrinus

    Question Genie vs. Wishing Well vs. FWG

  7. Vetrinus

    whats this?

    A shard for this.
  8. Vetrinus

    Elvarian Carnival Floats

    Same pop but 3700 culture less than the Frozen Shipwreck (which is the same in size and orientation), overall efficiency much lower than many other hybrid buildings, many of which have been recently available at that, and some of which are even obtainable as a mystery object. It's not horrible...
  9. Vetrinus

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    I'd be surprised if it made sense to anyone at all. Devs probably went on holiday somewhere, and/or decided to honor the "one step forward, two steps back" tradition. Now I wonder... am I going to spend my candies on this 1x8 hours prize, or am I going to wait for the next 4x8 hours one? Never...
  10. Vetrinus

    Elvarian Carnival Floats

    I like most floats, especially the Dragon and Constructs ones. Others however are absolutely horrible (the Prince Charming and Troll ones for instance, though they're from last year). That's as far as looks are concerned though. Stats-wise? Not worth placing, most of them not even in new cities...
  11. Vetrinus

    Best AW

    Well, evidently our playstyles are very different if you manage with 20% (920k in Chapter XV) supplies @ level 30 in. I wouldn't be able to live off that, whereas a measly level 6 PT is enough to keep me stocked even when burnings millions of supplies (and the fact that it has such good returns...
  12. Vetrinus

    Buildings that make the least sense...

    Well, gems are crystals by definition, and in no way bound to a certain colour, so the CL is the least of my concerns. I'll go with the Goblin Magic Dust manufactory level 27 instead. Everything orcs and goblin related is somewhat disturbing and/or creepy, granted, but that one trumps them all...
  13. Vetrinus

    Best AW

    Disclaimer: the following reflects my very personal priorities, if your playstyle differs - e.g. you went for an early Tome, or have a ton of Magic Residences, or do not possess certain key event buildings - your mileage will vary. This should be obvious, but since some are drawn to polemics, I...
  14. Vetrinus

    Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    According to elvenarchitect the efficiency is 8.33 so on par with a lot of good seed buildings but worse than the pond of autumn and festival merchant. Apparently it has an early collect of 24 hours, it's shown on the elvengems preview page at least.
  15. Vetrinus

    Update Discussion Version 1.97

    Yes, but you do not have the right to accuse others of "echo-chambering" (these buzzwords, I swear...) when you're factually wrong, nor to draw assumptions based on... what exactly? Your gut feeling? Because you see, not only such assumptions are entirely baseless, they're false, too. I've...