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Recent content by Verde

  1. Question Perks - reset?

  2. No more events for me.

    How about that Dancing Hamster avatar? :)
  3. To the moderators of this forum - On the use of language

    A little confused ... :( So, a fellowship name on EN server (and presumably also a game name) can be in a language other than English and be happily used both in game and in the forum, as long as it is not deemed offensive in the language used; it need not necessarily be in English?
  4. Stable of the Unicorns

  5. News from other forums

    Whatever information is or is not being shared by Inno in general, simply don't understand why less information should be shared on the EN forum than on other forums ...
  6. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Best that the information is as widely distributed as possible then, especially to up and coming players within fellowships ...
  7. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Which once again raises the issue of manual battle for app-only, or app-mostly, players ...
  8. Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    October 22 start ... thought it would start earlier than that ...
  9. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    The tournament changes are now a fait accompli, live on all servers. Just wondering what purpose is really served by keeping this thread, Upcoming Tournament Changes, open any longer?
  10. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Perhaps the final chapter?
  11. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Wish we could put a mod on ignore ....
  12. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    So the plan now is what? If tourney performance is a consideration then ... . place as few expansions as possible and NEVER EVER buy a Premium expansion . build the minimum number of AWs that actively help with tourney; delete/do not build all others . do not advance through chapters that will...
  13. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Why not just put out 16 at a time like the FA badge board .... would be more fun to knock them off :)