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Recent content by valle

  1. Spire Specialist City

    I'm only saying that a city that is built to support other cities are against the rules. From that I think it's clear that a spire city that is built with the purpose to gather diamonds to be used in other cities is such a city.
  2. Spire Specialist City

    If the player has another city I think building a spire city with the purpose to gain diamonds is cheating. Sounds lika a classic push account as it's purpose is that the diamonds gained from the city shall help other cities.
  3. Penalise prolonged unfair trades

    An easy solution would be to allow us to filter away unfair trades.
  4. Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    Are you aware that the Portal Profit instants gives you Elvenarian Zero? I've never actively collected PP but I'm flooded with them anyway. So I assume you should have some to spare that can give you the Elvenarian Zero you need.
  5. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    5 priests works well against a combo of mages and HR on auto. This is a good week to use some mage boosts.
  6. Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    It's a bad idea to clear every spot. Much better to move forward.
  7. Should I delete Victory Springs?

    As it's an AW with 2 good bonuses I think it's a no brainer to level it after all troop buildings started to work simultaneous.. Dogs are actually pretty useful for certain fights. I use them up to province 50 and by using them I save other troops (mostly LR) that I would have to use in those...
  8. Let's change the Neighbors Help Reward System

    Maybe decrease the chance for every chest found. So first chest say X%, next 0.9*X%, next 0,9*0,9*X% and so on.
  9. Survey - Autumn Zodiac

    The brown bear is so good that it's worth building even if you can't get it to level 10.
  10. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    I thought I was clear, but obviously not. Both my cities are at the end of the tech tree, so no dwarves or whatever you thought ;)
  11. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Insulting? I only comment to the fact that several posters write like "If you don't do like I want, I'll quit the game"
  12. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    ??? By doing about 50 provinces I'll get a lot of kp. That kp I use to upgrade AWs. Upgrading AWs is developing the city according to me. And if the tournament get a little bit harder from the upgraded AWs is no great concern for me as I expect to earn more benefits from upgrading them. So don't...
  13. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    I play it to develop my city. You have been scared of upgrading AWs by reading posts here from other scared people. I'll continue to play the game just as I did before. The big difference is now I don't have to see tournament as a chore tiring my fingers and mind by repeating tousands of mouse...
  14. Discussion Fellowship Adventures - May Contain Beta Spoilers!!!

    My guess is that it starts somewhere between 11:00 and 14:00 CET. It usually starts around that time.
  15. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    I've got 2 late game cities. Both do around 50 provinces. The only thing that might not be sustainable is my using of 2 DAs. Might have to use the equivalence of 2 or 3 UUUs. But thats a later problem. Compare this to the discussion when spire came out. Then the majority on this forum claimed...