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Recent content by Tjoori2

  1. Discussion Headless Halloween

    Like @shadowblack and @Timneh I am also going no further than the buy 12kp. Nope, just, nope. Give an alternative.
  2. Discussion The Harvest Festival

    Way too much "get X amount of relics" :( I'm completely stuck on "Research Technology" because I can't fight encounters and win, so I have to negotiate, and I can't produce goods fast enough for that, either. So... I do like events, but this whole "Get relics" is way too much to bother.
  3. Discussion The Harvest Festival

    8 Solve 12 Encounters OR buy 12 Knowledge Points -- nope. First of all, can't afford it. Second of all, can't afford the goods to negotiate 12 Encounters. And THEN 16 Relics. And whatnot. Nope, just...nope.
  4. Discussion The Tale of the Wandering Moon

    Doesn't that mean that negotiating is that much more expensive and all the provinces are "Hard"? (i.e. cost a lot more)
  5. Discussion The Tale of the Wandering Moon

    I just don't bother anymore. And tournaments give me 1 relic for 4 fights. So... newp.
  6. Discussion The Tale of the Wandering Moon

    Annnnnd it will end at "Buy 7 knowledge points" for me. :) And even if I wanted to spend the coin to buy 7 kp, I can't spend them because I'm resource locked. Plus... Solve 7 encounters? Then 9 Relics? Then 11 (!!!!) encounters, and 13 (!!!!) Relics? Nope, sorry. :) Good luck to those of you who...
  7. Update Discussion Version 1.59

    Really dislike that the FS window opens to overview instead of members. I nearly clicked "Leave"! Now I have to click "Members" EVERY TIME I want to help. That's 25 Extra Clicks every day! And I also don't like the new trader window. At all. I prefer the dropdown, less chance of erroneous sales...
  8. Discussion The Woodelvenstock Festival!

    Gotta say, I dislike the "rotating chests". I mean, it's all very well having changing rewards, but when you're down to X number of tickets, and then get chests that are all impossible to use... it sucks. I had chests with 109/109/140 tickets yesterday. I bit the bullet and used one, but it...
  9. Discussion Walpurgis Night

    I have to say, I am --for the first time-- actually enjoying an event. Even in my lowest level 1 city everything is achievable, and that makes ALL the difference. Yeah, it takes some planning, and things are mighty slow, but it is doable. Mainly because the amounts scale by level, rather than...
  10. Discussion The Tale of Robert Redbeard

    I'm not bothering with the quests anymore. The last one I busted my behind and didn't get a single building, just X amount of coin stuff, occasionally a supplies one, and KP which were wasted because I was tech locked anyway. All in all, I think the quests are very poorly designed, especially...
  11. Discussion The three Glacier Giants

    I got precisely NONE of the buildings in the entire event, on 3 servers. Zero. Plus, I'm low level, so getting keys is kinda a long winded process for me. I wanted today's building, so I really saved up for it... and I got.. 6x Gold boosters. 2x KP (I'm already tech locked), 1 Rune. Yeah, I'm...
  12. Discussion The three Glacier Giants

    From a Beginner perspective -- I loathe events. There are lots of shineys, and I can't get them. And, pardon me, but... "Gain a small amount of Planks 0/600" at MY level is simply... yeah. That is NOT a "small" amount of planks for me. I get 9 planks in 9 hours. Or 5 planks in 3 hours. I don't...
  13. The Halloween Event cannot be won by high-level players

    Just chiming in (Yeah, I'm still here...) Events and the completion of them, should be achievable regardless of player level. Most other games have quests that scale to level. Meaning, if you're in Chapter 2, you get quests pertaining to that level. If you're in Chapter 12 (I don't know how many...
  14. Event from low level player perspective

    None of the fellowships I've applied to responded except one that has 2 people aside from me in it. And they are never online. That is what my map has looked like for the past...week? Thereabouts. That's what I see in trade. As you can imagine, it is nearly impossible to do anything like...
  15. Event from low level player perspective

    Well I am still stuck on accept 5 trades, so the progressive one is pretty much done for me on that server.