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Recent content by theopixler

  1. Splash of Awesome recuiting

    As last! Splash of Awesome is recruiting again;) We looking we for a new Fellow who likes playing Tournaments. Size of city no matter, level of experience no issue - just someone who enjoys the game, plays regularly and wants to grow their city. Interested? Message here, or even better, in...
  2. Splash of Awesome

    One space left now.
  3. Splash of Awesome

    Do you wake up in a morning with a Splash of Awesome? Are you an active player? Do you love tournaments? Do you love have to put up with my often glaring spelling mistakes 'cos I'm too half-arsed to proof-read? Then we might just have a place for you! Want to join up with the most...
  4. Global Messages

    What's with the global spam messages we've been receiving recently? I've only had this on en2 but others reporting it on different, and multiple, worlds. Edit by moderator: message deleted.
  5. Closed | Archived Chatroom not working

    Yep, working here too (for) now...;)
  6. Black Sails Recruiting

    Hey! Black Sails are recruiting - hurry now, this is a limited time offer only! What are we looking for? Activity - so that's regular visits to your Fellows, participation in tournaments and adventures, popping up in chat and saying 'hi'. It doesn't matter how big your city is, how long...
  7. Closed | Archived Chatroom not working

    Most annoying thing is - you post one quick test message fine and you think you are ok. Then you post a long spiel and it gets lost. This is so frustrating...
  8. Splash of Awesome

    UPDATE: Two places available now. Come and join the Awesome.