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Recent content by TheokGrundor

  1. TheokGrundor

    Restructure of random quests in events

    They have lists of possible quests you can get already. What they need to do is set it so that they come in a random order but don't repeat until you have seen ALL the quests in the list. Have it give us each quest once before they are recycled back at us. That way the big end-cap quests don't...
  2. TheokGrundor

    In-game tally keeper for better tracking of badge making during FA

    On the other hand if you mean better tracking of your own badge creation you can hover over the FA quest button (on PC anyways) and it will show all badges and their progress towards completion.
  3. TheokGrundor

    craftsman challenge.

    As others have said the effort this requires is quite minimal and the rewards match that minimum level so I am not sure they are unbalanced. In regard to why this is happening now I kinda assumed it was to mess with everyone planning for the FA in advance, and make us burn all our 2 productions...
  4. TheokGrundor

    Accidental goods collection

    Would be a nice feature certainly. In the meantime you can use the old fallback of disconnecting buildings from roads to shut them down. They will still retain their product and cannot be collected by accident.
  5. TheokGrundor

    Ancient Wonders Broken Shards

    In other words just always have the rune tab show up on AWs? Seems like a good idea to me!
  6. TheokGrundor

    Flexible use of evolution thingies

    It would be nice to maybe have crafting recipes to CHANGE artifacts to other types though. Such as turning extra mermaid artifacts into phoenix for a cost of spell fragments. And if they take up crafting recipe slots people would be more likely to build sub-10 evolving buildings too instead of...
  7. TheokGrundor

    Discussion Carnival

    Does anyone know if this event will feature a collection boost building for candies like the advent candle or moon mirror?
  8. TheokGrundor

    Trader Trade T4&T5 in wholesaler for Spell Fragments

    I offered a similar idea for using sentient goods for KP, but I would be happy with this as well. T4&5 and eventually 6 need some purpose to keep us creating and trading it. I have fellows working through the chapters still so i cant in good conscience stop producing them entirely much less sell...
  9. TheokGrundor

    New Game Features Disenchant on existing event buildings

    I would appreciate if we could at least gain half of the fragments from selling placed buildings, otherwise it devalues most event buildings into mere currency.
  10. TheokGrundor

    New Game Features Lock building-AW

    It should ask by default for you to confirm the sale of any building. Perhaps they could have the Sell button be a different color that the usual OK button to help distinguish between a warning and a generic popup?
  11. TheokGrundor

    New Game Features I want to buy KP with Sentient Goods

    [Summary]: Add the ability to purchase KP or AW packs with T4&5 goods. [Have you checked for similar ideas?]: Looked over all open suggestions and several pages of the archives going back past February when T4 was added. Did not see anything resembling this. [Details]: I suggest a system...
  12. TheokGrundor

    New chapter ideas

    Not that this is a bad idea, but have you seen the fairies chapter? They are somewhat similar although I am not sure of the specific cultural style they are based on.
  13. TheokGrundor


    That... That actually is a problem. I hope it gets fixed soon. And thanks for the warning!
  14. TheokGrundor


    I admit I'm not entirely sure what the problem is here? Is the problem simply that non fellows are getting AW rewards? Or that players are "stealing" the rightfully earned rewards from wonders by putting in more points? I either case I am inclined to feel the system is working as intended. You...
  15. TheokGrundor

    Limited Uses for Sentient Goods

    Best I can tell, what you are seeing is the result of a decaying good with limited use. Players who have finished the chapter have no reason to keep producing it beyond helping their fellowship, and you'll be seeing those as trades with zero stars at 1-4 ratios since they wont need anymore...