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Recent content by tharkun

  1. Closed | Archived Fellowship Adventures Popup Status Bug

    On Firefox (ver 75.0, x64, but I would think any web-browser), after accepting a completed badge/item, the "Fellowship Adventures" window closes, but the "Fellowship Adventures Popup" doesn't get updated with the fact that the badge/item has been accepted. On the image below, I have completed a...
  2. Answered Polishing "Cool down"

    Thank you so much for your quick & informative reply. :)
  3. Answered Polishing "Cool down"

    Hi, I understand that you cannot "polish" (select under Neighbourhood Help) a Cultural Building that is already under the effects of being "polished". However, once that "polish" wears off (the Neighbourhood Help time expires), is there a time when, although "unpolished", it can't be...
  4. Culture Bonus Maths

    Thank you, tonton-des-bois, for finding this & working through some examples. :) My only tip (for people like me who sometimes skim over details) is to note that you need to use the Working Population (not the Available or Total) & the Required Culture (not the Available or Total) in the...
  5. Answered Trading Post Goods

    Excellent! Thank you so much for the information. :)
  6. Answered Trading Post Goods

    I'm in Chapter 10, & have been lucky enough to acquire a Trading Post. As I believe, if I build this, every 48 hours I can collect a 5% Instant for "Guest" Goods (a 5% "Portal Profit"). Are the "Portal Profit" Instants ONLY based on the Portal when the Instant is used? I'm concerned, in case...