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Recent content by Thagdal

  1. Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    Im on quest 12, gain 2 relics. I cant even be bothered doing this event. being a negotiator mostly, i dont want all these squad tokens, so not much point in doing an event where 70% of prizes are squad tokens. And the grand prizes are not worth it. Get rid of the evolving buildings and bring...
  2. Open 2nd quester gone mad

    Im thinking this is a sign of things to come when the new tournaments get launched, quests for upgrading AW's and getting troop rewards. somebody just jumped the gun and leaked the new quests early...;)
  3. Unfair diamond costs

    And still Innogames reaches a billion in revenue....Attention App Players, you are being screwed over, buy diamonds on the PC, give Inno all their hard earned money;):p
  4. Unfair diamond costs

    And what about the amount of diamonds between app and pc? you get 11,000 for £74.99 on pc and only 10,000 for the same price on the app. Why is that?
  5. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    "To make Catering worth considering, we will (roughly) halve the costs for it, meaning you'll need fewer Goods to complete a Province." I dont see this as tedious...just normal production cycles and trading. Wow im getting a bad case of Deja vu here...didnt you make the same argument about...
  6. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    im sure using your whole troop queue's and gathering every resource isnt an issue? you plan ahead for the next tournament by gathering and producing everything you can...seems a lot less tedious than producing the same goods/troops for tournaments as they are now. Traders wont be empty of planks...
  7. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    its going to make the event quest faster too, solve province or tourney encounters.:)
  8. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Finally...At least people can stop going on about optional squad size upgrades. :p
  9. 3-word game

    Slowly closing in
  10. 3-word game

    because he needed
  11. 3-word game

    With Orc dung
  12. Update Discussion Version 1.104

    Just wondering why they choose to do an update during an event, there was an update during the last FA and it broke the badge collection. wonder if this will break the event in some way too...Then again, breaking this event will make some people happy;):p
  13. Discussion Chapter 16 - Embassies

    Cant you not produce/collect dwarven goods while you wait for the fairies to catch up?:confused:
  14. Discussion The May Celebrations Event

    "If a present containing a Reshuffle is opened, your invested Red Ribbons for opening this present are returned and you receive a Candy Hammer." From winter magic announcement, so yeah there are no changes to the "Shuffle"
  15. Discussion The May Celebrations Event

    Its nice to see the Devs come up with original ideas......oh wait the quest milestone is from FOE as well. Booooring. "Based on feedback from previous events..." They didnt say improve it, they said get rid of it :p