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Recent content by suewho

  1. suewho

    Pet food

    "special Occasions",- like what -Christmas?
  2. suewho

    Pet food

    I haven't seen any pet food for three days now. I've been able to make a grand total of 1 this week. why give us pets, without the means to feed them? :mad::mad::mad:
  3. suewho

    Over trading

    Elvenar is a completely and totally relaxed game. why should you even care if someone has a AW at level 30 or not? how does that affect your playing experience? I've been playing for four years now. it's never been a thing for me. just play the game, or move on already. elvenar is a great game...
  4. suewho

    the rebel alliance wants you!

    Hi all, we have just created a new fellowship out of the ashes of our old one. we are eight committed players with years of experience between us. we want new members, who play regularly and participate in tournaments and fellowship adventures. big players, small players, middle sized players...
  5. suewho

    Answered Hovering over manufactories

    I know this is off topic, but how do I start an effing thread????? I want to advertise for people to join a fellowship???????
  6. suewho

    Discussion Carnival

    also the chances of winning the daily prizes are 5%, 10%.? according to the chests?
  7. suewho

    When is next Fellowship Adventure?

    i got a message, thursday, 10th may, in the afternoon.. (im in Australia) gmt+9.30 hr
  8. suewho

    Limited Uses for Sentient Goods

    thanks everyone for taking the time to reply.:)
  9. suewho

    Limited Uses for Sentient Goods

    Ive just started Elementals, it seems to me there is too much moonstone in the trader but hardly any Platinum up for trade. I would have thought the distribution between Moonstone/ tree gum and platinum would be relatively even, but Im not seeing this. anybody have any answer/ information?
  10. suewho

    Answered elvarian guard question

    I don't have a problem, just a question thanks
  11. suewho

    Upcoming FA

    these elvarian guard badges are driving me crazy. thousands and thousands of supplies. :mad:
  12. suewho

    Answered elvarian guard question

    yaaayyyyyy! thanks for that:)
  13. suewho

    Upcoming FA

    same with us, we have about 10 active members, and about 5 have put their hands up to compete. if your in winyandor , maybe we could have a discussion about forming a new fellowship. myself, I dont think the adventures are worth the "prizes (?)" but I'm all about helping younger players to grow...
  14. suewho

    Answered elvarian guard question

    Im a bit confused about this badge. as I understand it we need to recruit (produce) 3 times our squad size per badge. does it matter what troops? some troops take up more space in the squad, so would that mean I need to produce less of those? can someone explain, and if possible give me some...