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Recent content by SpaceCowboy

  1. Enchantable List of currently NHed Buildings

    FYI, on the mobile version, you can see the NH indicator while casting EE spells, so it is less of a problem there. You do not see how long the NH still lasts though.
  2. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    Hey @Jackluyt, thanks a lot for posting this. Just one remark - your link looks like a tinyurl-link, but it's actually a Facebook-link that redirects to tinyurl, which then redirects to Google Drive. If I copy-paste the URL from your post (rather than clicking the link), I skip the Facebook...
  3. Question Do AWs stack?

    Yes, the sentient production boost of these stack. The increased portal storage from the Vortex increases the amount of resources you get when using Portal Profit spells.
  4. Dryads question

    The Ranger has 4 fields of movement and 4 attack range, it unlocks a bit later (I think Woodelves Chapter). However, there is no unit in the game that has initiative as high as the Mist Walker, which makes them a real pain!
  5. Dawn of the Phoenix

    The good thing is that you can decide to collect only every other day, skipping one mana decay cycle.
  6. Display relative instead of absolute squad sizes

    @Herodite Thanks, that's good to hear!
  7. Display relative instead of absolute squad sizes

    This has gotten a bunch of upvotes - it would be nice to get some feedback on this!
  8. Frustration at lack of Fellowship Adventure

    I just wanted to take the opportunity to get back to this, now that I finally got my BES level 10. I appreciate that Inno took the time to improve the FA, and still gave us the chance to fully evolve this building.
  9. Display relative instead of absolute squad sizes

    When I look at the squad sizes before a fight, I mentally estimate how much that is in terms of my base squad size. The reason for that is that my troop count in the Army Camp is displayed in multiples of the base squad size, so that is my frame of reference. When fighting in the tournament...
  10. Statue of Appreciation - show appreciation for you fellows

    In our fellowship, and I guess that would be true for a lot of others too, there are a few people who keep things running by performing a bunch of administrative tasks that aren't strictly gameplay (e.g. managing our Wonder Society). It would be great if we could show our appreciation in a more...
  11. Discrepancies in some fights...

    So how do these numbers work anyway? Unless I'm reading this wrong, which is entirely possible, the mage does at most ~570 thousand damage, but the Orc has 11 million hit-points. I must be missing something, because that should never be 2 hits.
  12. Question Scouting Impact

    Do you perhaps mean "required for negotiating"? Because I'm at 440 provinces, and so far the only requirement for scouting is gold.
  13. Suggestion

    There is actually such an option on mobile. I've also wondered if it was possible to stack buildings of different chapters into a single stack. For example, I generally don't care which chapter my military buildings are, and it's actually hard to see how many I have right now, because some are...
  14. Frustration at lack of Fellowship Adventure

    Now I know a lot of people, myself included, don't really like FAs due to the tedious gameplay. In that sense, I'm actually happy that this one isn't happening. I also know others have raised this complaint in various places, but I'd still like to explain why I find it frustrating, and didn't...
  15. 'The Forbidden Ruins' questline event - started in Beta Jan 2022

    I've always assumed the dailies start at the point when the number of remaining quests is equal to the number of remaining days in the event. So it depends on how fast you go at the start. In theory, you can hit the dailies on day 1.