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Recent content by Sonic tractor

  1. Fellowship adventures

    hi, just wondering if anyone noticed the prize changed after the update? my venars rocks culture buidling changed from 460 people and 460 culture to .........310 people, 310 culture?????
  2. Fellowship Adventure Badge Menu

    this is the first quest that i have been able to do. ive been playing on app and have since downloaded puffin. which allows me to take part in quests and tournaments yay!! what would b good is when u make the products needed for each badge that it loads it to appropriate quest. ive done two...
  3. Discussion The Phoenix Cult

    im just a wee small city and have struggled to get the prizes. with 11hrs left i am five points short of getting main prize 2, and no chance of getting them as i need to build 5 things that take 9hrs thanks anyways just think its a little mean to get sooooo close