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Recent content by Skallywag

  1. Discussion Upcoming New Features!

    I've noticed a difference between what /who tells me versus the online status in the fellowship page. Which one is right?
  2. Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    It's been getting worse over time. It's at 31 pages right now. 31 pages of players looking for minerals, and no other goods. I guess Inno is OK with 1/3rd of the players having a distinct advantage over the rest of us. I get all my minerals through the Merchant - slowly. The other...
  3. Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Exactly. Five pages of players demanding minerals. Only a handful of trades demanding anything else, and players offering minerals seemed to have figured out they don't have to use the merchant, they just pick up any trades they want from the five pages of trades looking for minerals. The...