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Recent content by shogun69

  1. Feedback: March of the Herds Event

    The prizes were not interesting as none give manna. Please stop asking for PoP spells as most with well designed cities don't use them. Most in my fs now have 2-300 mostly from quests. The quantity of goods needed was insane. I am fed up with having to build numerous small buildings for the...
  2. Tournaments

    If you are not an end stage player with a mass of troops and or goods you won't get very far, especially if there are no other players nearby. You can speed up playing at any time by spending diamonds, so they won't cut time to refresh. I play for fun in boosted only to help production.
  3. Forced to build Magic Academy ?!?!?

    Actually it's not possible to progress if you have started fairies. I finally gave in [having finished fairies] only to have a non-declinable quest to build dwarven streets. Edit; Now sorted by support
  4. City Allow Magic Academy to be deleted

    Having finally given in and built the MA having completed the tech tree and being fed up with keeping on getting dwarven quests I then find that I can only progress past lvl 2 by paying diamonds, which makes it even more worthless.
  5. Update Discussion Version 1.6 - your ideas!

    The focus on fighting is definately upsetting those who don't want to fight. We are loosing members who object to the shift in focus
  6. Forced to build Magic Academy ?!?!?

    I now just refuse to build the MA on principle, I don't need quests that bad. In the same way I don't build AWs. This game only has my presence due to the people in my fs's. Diamond buying is out now. The arguments about tournaments and relics is irrelevant if you have no need for them.
  7. Dwarven Ancient Wonders

    I still haven't built the MA, well into fairies and keep getting dwarven quests despite not having a portal or mines. This is due to not completing the build MA quest and thus sell dwarven portal quest. This of course means no fairy quests.
  8. Closed | Archived [4246] Disappearing combat units

    It seems to be a cache problem for me. I go into Program Manager and back out. Only happens when I've been playing for a long time. Using win10
  9. New fairies AWs

    we are probably in the end phase of the game as Ozzin has stated, just keep it going until income drops past a set point
  10. City Allow Magic Academy to be deleted

    I will wait 'til I have frittered away the rest of the diamonds that I bought and got someone to take over the FS, then I'm out of here
  11. Dwarven Ancient Wonders

    I agree with you matza. I am refusing to build the MA, have built the fairy portal while still having the dwarven portal without getting the quest to sell it so I will have to lose that one. AW's just don't give the benefits for the space/ KP they take up.
  12. Dwarven Ancient Wonders

    Hi All I am relatively new to Elvenar, having just reached Fairies in Arendyll and nearly there in Winyandor. I can see that for those who joined at the beginning the hall gave somewhere to dump KP while waiting for fairies, plus you need 2 sets of shards. Now we have fairies, which will take...