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  1. schadenfreude

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    You could level a Shrewdy or Bulwark to counter a Needles upgrade to prevent the queue from being too short. That also assists you in the long run when you get a Simia or feed your Brown Bear. Bigger stacks = more free troops. When did this happen? :( The battle engine on FoE is also...
  2. schadenfreude

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    It is true people often confuse the formula with difficulty caused by enemy combo of certain tournaments and it is also true the formula is set at the start of the tourney. But the formula itself has changed. The gist of it is still the same. The variables that influence CAL are the same...
  3. schadenfreude

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    The type of players that play the game is so varied though. You have math wonks like MinMax playing with others that can't be bothered to think and want to be told what to do. Maybe they just like the game for the pretty pictures. Also, others may have stopped at chap 16 NOT because of the...
  4. schadenfreude

    Time to say Goodbye

    Thanks for all the event info, Jack. Good luck!
  5. schadenfreude

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    The formula has changed, though I don't think the variables of how the game determines "advancement" has changed. Probably just how much they influence things. Everything is slightly cheaper now, both troop cost and catering costs. You can tell by punching your numbers into the MinMax...
  6. schadenfreude

    Answered Can't find players

    They're in the same market, which is EN. But the worlds are different servers. You can tell by the domain if you play on browser. For example, Arendyll is en1.elvenar.com, which points to the sever at the IP However, en2.elvenar.com (Winyandor) points to a different IP at...
  7. schadenfreude

    Answered Can't find players

    They are both on Arendyll (EN1) so you're on different servers.
  8. schadenfreude

    New round of Fellowship Adventures

    Well the only thing I can make out is I like it’s GA over there instead of FA.
  9. schadenfreude

    Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Record #4 - Pets

    I want to see images of those with indoor Pets :D He must be taking a break bc his tourney score has come back down to Earth too.
  10. schadenfreude

    Answered What level do you need to be?

    New tech tree is chap 5. Chap 3 for everyone else.
  11. schadenfreude


    Of all the things you can do to your city, wonders is one of that factors that is somewhat minimal. That doesn't mean you should go about building every single wonder. Still exercise discernment, but it affects costs less than adding plots or unlocking techs, for example. Unless, of course...
  12. schadenfreude

    Answered NH on hungry buildings

    Need 4M mana suddenly? No problem! Cover your city in a smog of sparkles until all your residents have respiratory problems. They can visit your Twilight Phoenix for free healthcare.
  13. schadenfreude

    Answered NH on hungry buildings

    ...unless you need mana and own a Dragon Abbey. ;)
  14. schadenfreude

    HELP: [Research Magic] Quest

    Build 0 steel or planks. Trade your excess marble. Building steel or planks is a waste of real estate, population, and culture, esp early game.
  15. schadenfreude

    Closed | Archived Magic academy bugged out

    I got this too. It fixed itself when the crafting was done.