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Recent content by scandalousmikey

  1. Puddlejumper, needs more crewmembers

    Are you sick of your high performing FS that has no soul? Do you want to chat with a bunch of lovely weirdos? You know what to do. Step aboard the Puddlejumper
  2. Puddlejumper, needs more crewmembers

    WE JUST GOT OUR FIRST 3RD PRIZE IN AN FA!! If you wan't to join an up and coming FS, here is your ideal opportunity :cool:
  3. Puddlejumper, needs more crewmembers

    Totally awesome Fellowship, 4 chests a week!!, almost 3rd prize in every FA!!!, what else,.... Oh yeah, a few of us love! the spire.... Uhmm, very friendly, couple of very knowledgable and experienced players who love being there. An inspiring AM, regular chat. We are looking for new peeps...
  4. Puddlejumper is looking for new Members

    Friendly bunch with no rules set in concrete, just a lot of encouragement. A good mix of experience and noobs looking for people who want to grow and have fun. We have 10 members, ranked 213, 3 to 4 chests in tourneys and would love to grow. Mergers considered. Get hold of me, our AM...
  5. Felyndral KP Exchange

    needles please
  6. Felyndral KP Exchange

    Blooming trader please, south west of main hall. Just a wee bit ;)
  7. Active player looking for FS

    Hello Croleo, I belong to a much less accomplished Fellowhip looking for players just like you. We have never completed a full FS adventure and get 2 chests everytime, sometimes 3. If you're looking for more of a challenge than a cakewalk.... We'd love to have you.