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Recent content by rieze1001

  1. Welcome to Broken Shackles!

    Good Morning! / Good Evening! I'm really sorry for wasting your time in clicking this thread, 'cause this fellowship have been disbanded :) Still, Have a blessed day ahead buddies! :)
  2. Welcome to Slime Tempest! Fellowship..

    Hello there larryary.. I appreciate the offer.. but I think there are many more players out there who are more compatible and active that can join "Dawn Treader". 'Cause this player (rieze1001) is not that active in this game and also have one other fellow mage in ''Slime Tempest". As I look...
  3. Welcome to Slime Tempest! Fellowship..

    Welcome to Slime Tempest! We Currently have 4 members in our fellowship; 3 slightly active members (2 fellowship founders & 1 recently joined member) 1 - 2 chest/s every tournament You can look through our fellowship and directly join us if ever you are interested! Have a Great and Blessed...