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Recent content by Regina8

  1. Runeshard Changes

    Yep and I've been through it all, but this might just break the camel's back. Taking away something good, never goes down well with the crowds lol. I personally, was never jealous and hunted before, when I had time, it was fun. However, this is finally an opportunity for players that don't have...
  2. Runeshard Changes

    Well, I can only say to this, that I rarely met anyone asking for less, than what they have lol. If any decrease will take place, I can safely say, that I will be quitting this game and I'm sure, not only I... As to KP hunting, most of players don't have time to spend hours and hours on it...
  3. Runeshard Changes

    Ok, thank you for the reply.
  4. Runeshard Changes

    Thank you @Solanix, we are aware and at the moment, we are upgrading only military AWs, that hopefully should give more benefits, than increased difficulty due to bigger squad size. Do you have an answer to my question though, about KP hunting?
  5. Runeshard Changes

    In both of my FSs, we are using KP threads and in order to comply with this new feature, I have introduced a few new threads, so now we have 150 (only for AWs up to ch 15), 75, 60, 30, 20 and 15 = 350 KP in total. We have such fun with it and I have only 1 person so far locked, because he is a...
  6. Surplus Rune Shards can be swapped for Knowledge Points - now in Beta

    The same on the PC, however with confirmation it would take much longer to add KP. So, this way is better IMHO, just have to be careful and count while we add :). Then we'll upgrade them to 35 (except for Monastery/Sanctuary). Please don't add more levels, 30-35 was already quite useless...
  7. The 'Buried City' questline event starts in Beta February 2022

    So the mechanics for this event are the same as of Misty Forest... not great, I really dislike those and 1 per year was more than enough.
  8. The Forbidden Ruins

    My approximate calculations put me at 230 staffs, 30 short of the final set piece (if no extracurrency will be won). I must say that this event was very stingy on giving extra currency. I have mainly went for 23, 75 and 79 totems and have won so far 200 extra currency in one city and 350 in...
  9. Please stop Kps hunting

    KP hunting is not against the rules of the game and it can be fun (provided that you have a lot of free time and a good PC). To protect your FS from hunters, you could implement any of the KP swapping systems.
  10. Please stop Kps hunting

    You are mixing up hunting with pushing. Hunting is gaining a significantly more on your investment, so if I were to put into someone's AW 1KP and I would get in return a chest with 20 KP, that would be hunting. In the example, that you have described, it's pushing and usually done either by push...
  11. Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile

    My BTG is level 26. To produce 102 of Ultimate Creatures in the Fortress, I need 660 of Creatures of the Light and 1000 of Creatures of the Night, which is a standard for everyone with the Fortress of lvl 3. I am currently producing 254 creatures of the light per 6 hours in a breeding facility...
  12. Surplus Rune Shards can be swapped for Knowledge Points - now in Beta

    That sounds reasonable. We'll have to wait and see, what that balance actually is and how it might interfere, if at all, with our kp swap system.
  13. Surplus Rune Shards can be swapped for Knowledge Points - now in Beta

    I hope you are right. I guess we'll find out, when it hits live worlds, however, if it has been already noticed by beta players and they've hit the wall, then it's something that can mess up with our KP swap systems. Also, if it's too complicated, then it's so much extra work for me, as AM, to...
  14. Surplus Rune Shards can be swapped for Knowledge Points - now in Beta

    After reading comments from beta players on this feature, I have a question for Inno: "Why can't you give us something nice for a change, without ruining anything???" If there are some limitations applied with an introduction of this game feature, I don't want them! Just leave everything as it...