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Recent content by Pauly7

  1. Pauly7

    New Tournament Squad Size/Catering Calculation

    That's the first time I've ever realised that you can see wonder levels in the trader! :) FYI, I usually count mine manually (d'oh), but when I checked my city on Elvenstats recently I realised it was understating my wonder levels by 33, which is quite a big difference. I wouldn't rely on it...
  2. Pauly7


    Just to add to the above, you can also craft relics in the Magic Academy, five at a time, when the recipes appear.
  3. Pauly7

    AW Teleport

    I'm guessing it would make no difference. I can't imagine the way they formulate tournament squad size being dependent on road connections. If it did, it would be a mistake that they would soon correct or otherwise everyone would just disconnect all their AWs before playing a tournament round.
  4. Pauly7

    Question AWOL Archmage!!

    Congrats @Dillipa !
  5. Pauly7

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    Well the effort of completing quests probably does equal the poor rewards.
  6. Pauly7

    Quest yet non available in Sorcerer‘s Pilgrimage

    The 'beacons' are the things you open to move yourself further towards getting the next artefact. There is always a choice of three. Some are more beneficial to you for getting towards artefacts. Some are better for getting more daily prizes. If you always picked the beacons good for daily...
  7. Pauly7

    Quest yet non available in Sorcerer‘s Pilgrimage

    These are daily quests. Only one appears each day. That's why you have to wait. You can evolve your building to the last stage if you've been picking the right beacons.
  8. Pauly7

    AW Teleport

    Perhaps if teleporting an AW meant that you couldn't put it back in your city for 30 days. That way you aren't going to move them in and out to suit the situation, but you do have an opportunity to reverse your decision should you decide you've made a mistake.
  9. Pauly7

    Buildings in Academy

    There are quite a lot of buildings of some sort that appear in the MA. Do you just mean evolving buildings? If so, I know that they took a lot of those building bases out of the rotation, but I can't remember which ones still remain. In my city that still has them available for the rotation...
  10. Pauly7

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    The badge requirements are very similar to the last one.
  11. Pauly7

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    As far as I can tell the bias is supposed to lean towards the units we're used to finding in each tournament. It's very hit and miss though.
  12. Pauly7

    Question Is There a Player's Building Inventory?

    I look up the city on Elvenstats then click the link for elven architect.
  13. Pauly7

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Interestingly though, to add - in my Beta city, which is now nearing the guest races, I wouldn't consider building any of the above now (along with, of course, the Maze, Enar's Embassy and Blooming Trader Guild.)
  14. Pauly7

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    For me, the two that are in the cross-hairs are the Lighthouse of Good Neighbourhood and Sunset Towers. With these two it's partly because I haven't upgraded either past level 3. The Lighthouse was an experimental idea to boost my coin production through increased culture bonus, but the effect...
  15. Pauly7

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    It's such a depressing thought. We should never be in a position where we're considering deleting Ancient Wonders. I don't know if this is coincidence, but I'm running into a lot more people these last few weeks who are saying "I'm taking a break from the game" or "I'm not able to be properly...