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    I wouldn't be so bold as to suggest tabs for other instants as they are exactly that, instant, that would be ridiculous. ;) Evolving buildings and their artefacts spill over into 2 tabs, instants and summonings and many pages of them as there are now so many of them. Even after you use 9...
  2. Oh right, a title.....lol

    I think that might be me and my gripes done for the night.

    Sorry for the caps, but I fear you might be somewhat deaf. I have requested this before as in asking for a new tab in inventory for evolving buildings and artefacts. Artefacts have now spilled over onto page 3 of the inventory, which is 2 more pages then Enchanments, which has it's own...
  4. Oh right, a title.....lol

    Life's been busy, but it's nice to be able to take time for a cold pint. Cheers. :)
  5. 1KP invaders

    Don't play.
  6. Oh right, a title.....lol

    So I tackled some blackberry briars in my dads garden today......cor blimey....I cut them all back at the start of summer, they grew back bigger, thicker, longer.....grrr.....I'm cut to shreds and full of thorns.....again....haha
  7. Oh right, a title.....lol

    Hey @Silmaril,,,,,woohoo, how many can you clutch if push comes to shove?.....lol :) and lol @Gargon667 I can just picture your patch. Groovy buy messy....lol :)
  8. Oh right, a title.....lol

    and if you're still socially distancing, then what better place to do it, then at Hags Nest....an extension of my city.....a bit like a back garden....haha :)
  9. Oh right, a title.....lol

    I reckon newcomers might feel a little more comfortable here then they do on the main forums, which can sometimes be a little be bit daunting when you're new to a game..........well not here! As long as you supply your own refreshements, feel free to hang out here and ease your way into the...
  10. Oh right, a title.....lol

    Oh hello @Giraffi @Herodite and @Gargon667 Nice to see you all. :) I do like a nice cold pint of lager @Herodite and then I like another one. :) Is that 'Wild Thing' on the Jukebox @Gargon There's a joke in there, somewhere.......thinking! lol :)
  11. Oh right, a title.....lol

    I think I might have been on the wrong forums, all the time.
  12. Oh right, a title.....lol

    I guess that's what beer does for ya. :) Oh look, another one.....lol
  13. Oh right, a title.....lol

    That's an awful lot of smily faces, what was I thinking.
  14. Oh right, a title.....lol

    So an OldHag hobbles into the lounge on a crooked walking stick. 'I hope they serve beer here' she mumbles out loud. She is drawn towards the 'beer garden' sign, it's inviting. "Oh Look, an empty picnic table". Seeing some other witch heading towards the same table, she picks up the pace and her...
  15. Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    ================================== @CrazyWizard first off, let me say, I love your maths head, just want to make that known. :) In my opinion, the only prediction you can accurately make is that 'the house always wins'.......these are valuable buildings and therefore the RNG may on occassion...