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Recent content by Nymis

  1. Nymis

    Open Negative resource production!

    Thought the forums served the same as putting a ticket in? Plus I wanted to see if anyone else had the same issue.
  2. Nymis

    Open Negative resource production!

    Recently rearranged my city for chapter 19, much of the city sat disconnected main hall for some time. Once reconnected, some set buildings showed negative values (slowly decreasing back to negative) What exactly is the problem? Negative resources from set buildings - see screenshots, did not...
  3. Nymis

    Forum Competition: Pickle's Conundrum Curse.

    This was a fun competition! I got stumped for a while on #5 and #11 for a while before I managed to work it out. Thanks for hosting it!! And thank you for posting the text version of the words with the hints - the different fonts were making my eyes hurt... P.S, is the " To chat about this...
  4. Nymis

    Happy 6th Birthday Elvenar - Our Birthday Competitions!!!

    Thanks for the competition! Are we able to view submissions? I'd love to be able to read other entries in part 3!
  5. Nymis

    Open Trader Merchant no diamond confirmation

    What exactly is the problem? Including a screenshot can help a great deal. No diamond spend confirmation came up when I accidentally tapped the fourth team spirit merchant trader. Edit: my diamond confirmation setting is definitely toggled on to warn me Can you make the same problem occur...
  6. Nymis

    Elvenar Enigma

    "The fastest five players with at least correct answers will win 200 Diamonds.".... Needs to be edited again...at first I read it as "with the least correct answers" and did a double take...
  7. Nymis

    Combining/upgrading Ancient Knowledge Spells

    I have a city which is slowly building up 1KP Ancient Knowledge spells. Currently at 275. I would love to be able to combine them and upgrade them into higher amounts. 5x 1KP Ancient Knowledge Spell = 1x 5KP Ancient Knowledge Spell, perhaps using Spell Fragments. That same city has over 135k of...
  8. Nymis

    Discussion Elvenar Mobile

    Yes it does, you might have to change the servers before you try log in as the accounts are not the same across the servers as far as I’m aware. EDIT: there’s a flag option on the log in screen which is where you change servers
  9. Nymis

    Ancient Wonders and where to place...

    Hi all. Just wanted to find out what other people thought about the placement of Ancient wonders... Do you prefer if they are spread out around people's cities? Lined up in a row? or how do you feel about them all clustered in one area of the map like I do...which has lead to complaints of...
  10. Nymis

    Answered Enchantments and relic requirements

    Hi! I was curious about the relic requirements for enchantments. Despite just starting to unlock the Amuni guest race, I was wondering about whether or not the relic requirements was the same for all players (as I had never properly considered this before, and I only play with one world/one...
  11. Nymis

    Update Discussion Version 1.60

    Thank you!! Omg loving FA on the app. Why isn't this next button on the browser...
  12. Nymis

    Update Discussion Version 1.60

    Well the FA has started and I don't see it in app...and I'm sure I'm running the latest update. Going to try reinstalling the app and see if that works?! EDIT: Didn't work... :(
  13. Nymis

    Discussion Elvenar Mobile

    Oooooh I do apologise, I thought they were the same thing! Clearly need to do more research into this chapter....
  14. Nymis

    Discussion Elvenar Mobile

    I’ve only just gotten into the chapter, but I can? Right underneath the other goods seeds and mana section. Won’t let me upload a photo right now on my phone though... EDIT: used something else to load the photo
  15. Nymis

    Valor Seeking New Members

    Valor has an updated information screen: Do you know Elvenar? 30k+ player? Seeking experienced players who are boosted in Marble/Crystal/Silk/Gems/Elixir. Leave a message with the Arch or Mages. 1- Daily visits. (As much as possible; this means more than once a week) 2- Post in chat Post on...