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Recent content by MargMa

  1. Trades

    Deplorable - everyone wants ingots - which means anyone wanting anything else - out of luck,. All goods trades wanting ingots - so well done - made an\yone wanting other goods - not available. Trading takes DAYS to get goods. This sucks
  2. the gang - recruiting

    We are looking for active players that want to join a friendly fs. A few people have left the game - onto other things - so we have room for people to build and participate in tourneys and activities with us We don't have a lot of rules - we assume people are here to play this game - not to be...
  3. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    So fix problems with fs adventures and then make them - impossible again. I was under the impression this was to be a bonding experience with members of the fs. This new coin demand means - small cities - one hopes you would encourage - feel hopeless to contribute. I finished the last chapter...
  4. the gang, a fellowship that keeps getting better

    We had a small fs, and then one day we were contacted, can we join you? Seems something happened and so the majority of a troubled group joined us, We also took in newbies (we were a very small fs) The players are active and I keep hearing how glad they were they came to this fs, no drama...
  5. lame end to the event

    Forcing everyone to "space" completing of events might have good intensions but in reality makes it hard - of not impossible for some. Some people want very much to finish early, because they can get back to city building. These events mean so many are not doing that because - well if I collect...
  6. Returning player looking for fellowship for self and friends

    Feel free to join ,the gang, and if more players wanting to join - we can arrange that, a couple of people staying until they can be replaced.
  7. the gang has an opening

    Looking for some active players to join a friendly fellowship. No drama here, cooperative and relaxed, a very lovely group of players. We get some 10 chests tournies, not every week - yet. Please consider joining and growing with us
  8. Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Which version of fs adventure will we be using.? Be nice to do some preparing. I have several new players in the fs, be nice to be able to help them get an idea of what they are heading into = along with the rest of us :)
  9. the gang hoping to get active new members

    We have recently grown and have several new cities. Hoping to get some more active players so we can build and thrive. This is low pressure fs with self motivated players. A few large cities which are helping the others grow - because helping works for everyone. We would like players to...
  10. trader problem

    Minimized things in the city - can see trader - but cannot read messages - unless I reverse and read then minimize again. Hey - thank you for showing me how to deal with something - I thought a flaw but was clearly me - needing to change settings when I need to do things. Love the fact people...
  11. trader problem

    I have an HP pavilion and am using the settings for resolution and display that is recommended. Using zoom out does work - thank you. I cannot be the only one experiencing this problem. This laptop is only a year old.
  12. trader problem

    I am in the final chapter and looking for ingots. I complained to another player about how tedious it was scrolling through 60+ pages looking for these. Fellow said - why don't you use the dropdown in offers? I tried - nothing. Fellow had me hide my task bar and lo and behold - I can see the top...
  13. Fellowship Adventure - fun factor

    I have found some changes made to the fellowship adventures are great - like the collecting of badges. Some of the new badges are great - using any 2 tier 1 goods for Statues for example. I do have a big problem with arcane residue. This makes it impossible for smaller fellowships to compete...
  14. Question Embassies quest

    thank you
  15. Question Embassies quest

    I have been asked to perform berry treading. No idea how to do this. Tried collecting and using berries - nothing is working. Can someone tell me how to berry tread please?