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Recent content by Lizzie2020

  1. Answered Tournaments

    Hi, can anyone tell me do all the members of the fellowship receive the rewards of the weekly tournament even if they don't take part? Lizzie2020
  2. Upcoming October FA

    Where can I find more info on Fellowship Adventures, when does the next one start?
  3. Summoned buildings

    Hi, how do you upgrade a Summoned building? It seems to require certain items which I don't know how to obtain. Please can someone enlighten me. Lizzie2020
  4. Answered Upgrade the Barracks

    Thanks Paladestar, seems a bit of an odd way to put it.
  5. Answered Fighting in the spire

    I'm fairly new to this game. I'm nearly at the end of chapter 3. I do fight in provinces, tournaments and the first few levels of the spire. But what is a 'Simulator' that you guys are talking about??
  6. Answered Upgrade the Barracks

    When you upgrade the Barracks why does the training speed go UP. I would have expected it to take less time instead of more??
  7. Answered Instant knowledge

    How do I use the Instant knowledge reward Lizze2020