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Recent content by lilysmall

  1. lilysmall

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Everyone knows that the crystal lighthouse is basically useless Aw to have after dwarves get over it trade it in Why have you hung on to it you can only gather so much boosted product anyways once the cap is set The Lighthouse or Bell spire takes to much room it basically good to switch off...
  2. lilysmall

    Prepare for the Masquerade Event

    Its not to soon the quest stinks they aren t fun they do not match with anything in the game repeat repeat Do so many encounters well that one counts out alot of players Pay good s why Why would I pay goods this does not make any sense to me everything done is done for the high scoring 24...
  3. lilysmall

    Answered Abandoned Player Provinces/Cities

    Joining an active fellowship is not enough especially when your restarting out again, Really this is really unfair , really puts a player at a disadvantage
  4. lilysmall

    Closed | Archived Winyandor stil not work

    its broke again on both sides
  5. lilysmall

    Update Discussion Version 1.28

    continuous steam errors still on both sides
  6. lilysmall

    Closed | Archived Server Error, Stream Errors

    well I see we get more tourney time but I am still getting systems errors and maintenance after the new update saying it was fixed
  7. lilysmall

    Update Discussion Version 1.28

    When I manage to get on I only get the max 3 to 5 mins before the stream errors start then the reloads are just stream error constantly on both sides
  8. lilysmall

    Closed | Archived Server Error, Stream Errors

    I cannot get in to either side , has been hours
  9. lilysmall

    Answered Server Error, Stream Errors

    Same here been hours this has been going on
  10. lilysmall

    Closed | Archived Daily quest

    2 days in a row the daily Exclusive hasn't changed its still on Silver unicorn
  11. lilysmall

    Update Discussion Version 1.25

    maybe not many are in the Orc circle of things you are talking about ,or they are in the map boundaries that allowed, but beta can always use new players Good luck starting over
  12. lilysmall

    Closed | Archived Welcome Screen Appears when I sign in

    ok sorry I just realized this was Inno just asking me to click so flash player could run not a Bug
  13. lilysmall

    Answered March 6 en server wants to start over

    whew problem solved it was Google Chrome it updated and the Welcome screen wanted me to click it so I could allow flash player to run thank you for responding
  14. lilysmall

    Closed | Archived Missing Expansion

    Yes this has happen to a member in my fellowship the response from support was he didnt get an expansion the last they said he received was feb 24th he tried to tell him he aquired 2 expansions after that They did not agree with him
  15. lilysmall

    Answered March 6 en server wants to start over

    I did re sign and the same thing happens