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Recent content by Laurelin

  1. Laurelin

    Question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    @Herodite : Thank you very much. I think it's fair to say that Pet Food and expiring Combat Buildings are not so much a luxury or an option as pretty much a necessity, for any player who wants to do well in the Tournaments and Spire (or even to get very far at all, if they lack the advanced...
  2. Laurelin

    Clearly a visual glitch

    @Sir Derf : Wow, thanks for the memory! I have to re-watch that episode - it was fab. No, make that the entire series... :D
  3. Laurelin

    closing of threads?

    @DunkelSaturn - Were you perhaps thinking of @Rilian? I did come across him some months ago, but it was in the Support function - my memory is truly terrible and although he did actually tell me, back then, whether he was 'officially' (since there seems to be some cross-over) more in Support...
  4. Laurelin

    Magic Academy Battle Recipes

    ... unless Elvenar were to take up the suggestion made by @SimonTim above, as many other games do : provide a list of items and let players choose?
  5. Laurelin

    Elvarian Games Event

    @Tanelia : This isn't actually a bug, believe it or not, but rather is an intentional system which has been in place for a while, although quite a few players aren't familiar with it, usually either because they're either new to Events, or because they've never before finished all of the initial...
  6. Laurelin

    Heroe's Forge - For or Against Me?

    @Almondum : Essentially, I agree with @Gargon667, but being a Combat-focused Woodelves player myself, I thought I'd just second the view that if you're also primarily a Combat player, you'll want to upgrade both MM and Needles as high as you can, and add (and level) the Shrooms and Flying...
  7. Laurelin

    Upcoming Tournament Changes June 2021

    @Heymrdiedier : I don't work for Inno, but I think I can (much to my own disappointment) predict that (a) the result of the storm of protest arising from the 2020 Tournament changes - i.e. nothing that was asked for by players - combined with (b) the deafening silence on the subject of these new...
  8. Laurelin

    rewards for quests I have not completed

    Also delighted, here - I was wondering how I was going to wedge the enormous (and unwanted) 7x4 Woodelves' Habitat into one of my two or three 1x2 or 2x2 spaces... and now I don't have to! And I even got the reward for (not) doing so, as well. InnoGames needs to do this more often! :D
  9. Laurelin


    @artemyren : Thanks for the nice reply, and I hope you have fun here... :) To be honest, @Pauly7, I'm not that specific in terms of what I see as a 'Forum moderator'... if they appear here and comment here, they count as mods in my book, especially because some of the names I see here also...
  10. Laurelin

    Dr who’s tardis

    Thanks for the explanation, although I should probably have phrased it more clearly, since your original post does indeed imply that Bindi's Bucket has the ability to employ spatial distortion, so that much was already clear. Let me try again: Who is Bindi, and why/how do they have the Bucket...
  11. Laurelin


    Question to the moderators : do you also work on Social Media (or in Support - since I know at least some of you do), or maybe somewhere else in InnoGames that I'm not even aware of? I'm asking because I am becoming genuinely curious as to why the Elvenar Forum with the fewest users (and let's...
  12. Laurelin

    Forum Competition: Pickle's Conundrum Curse.

    Well, I almost participated in this one, since I do love a good anagram... until I saw that the embedded image listing said anagrams is entitled: "Modern Minimalist Word Scramble Instagram Story (1).jpg" ... but do I hate Social Media (and particularly the fact that the Forums appear now to be...
  13. Laurelin

    Dr who’s tardis

    To judge from the fact that when Elvenar was a new game, Treants were called Ents and Halflings (no matter the goat horns and donkey ears...) were called Hobbits, I would judge that Inno have already had a brush with the sort of legal protection that surrounds just about every fantasy 'property'...
  14. Laurelin

    Elvarian Games Event

    Very much agree on the over-use of 'Produce Goods' Quests... and as the Quests progress, the amounts of Goods demanded keep increasing as well. I *think* there were, at one point, three back-to-back Quests demanding large amounts of Goods (or at least two, and I think more than once - it...
  15. Laurelin

    Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Good idea! After all, the more T1 the better, for the Bracelet Badges - sometimes I've only needed 100 units of Planks, or even fewer, to complete a Bracelet, and meeting those tiny needs with a whole three (or even nine!) hours' worth of a large T1 Manu verges upon being actively painful... and...