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Recent content by kurgkurg

  1. kurgkurg

    What is the long-term goal of a competitive Tourney/Spire player?

    Silly Bubbles yeah, as I told, i don't see content in those points, just random list :)
  2. kurgkurg

    What is the long-term goal of a competitive Tourney/Spire player?

    I have a different city in every world focused on a different goal - A -world is a fighting city for tournaments, F-world is focused on FA, and W-world on research. Frankly, W-world ch 19 city is the most boring because these last chapters were mostly painful and boring, just a little...
  3. kurgkurg

    Question Advanced help for perks

    to be honest, I wrote my post here, in the questions and help section, with the idea that it would get into the game's update proposal and I was hoping to get some sort of response from moderators :(
  4. kurgkurg

    Question Advanced help for perks

    we will get 19 chests in every week anyway, so no point to use tournament perks :)'
  5. kurgkurg

    Question Advanced help for perks

    I hope, this is just rounded and the next level will still add some time, but it better would be to give this time in hours, more detail:
  6. kurgkurg

    Question Troop Training Numbers

    all troops type give the same amount (by power) in reality, just the number is different :) so if there is a smaller number, it doesn't mean, their power is smaller, it counts the same in battle and also on troops collecting quests. confusing, but so it is :D
  7. kurgkurg

    Why do so many go inactive

    this game can be played in very many different ways and with this variety of goals. Not all players care about the rankings and not even trying to raise it - maybe they want to be the best in the tournament, then with bigger ranking you only makes fighting harder and is a meaningless number that...
  8. kurgkurg

    Fellowship Adventure Cities - Show Your Work!

    its nice to win ;)
  9. kurgkurg

    So long and thanks for all the Poo

    I'm very sorry to hear it, I was hoping for a lot more nice contests. It's a bit different now :(
  10. kurgkurg

    Spot in Tourney Bandits

    Tourney Bandits will have 1 free space in next week. We get Spire Gold, 19 chests on tourney, and 6 free kp from perks in every day. If you want this place, write to kurgkurg in-game. You can get a permanent spot if you are good enough or another possibility - maybe you want just to spend a...
  11. kurgkurg

    Question How do i build a gate to other towns

    you can be related with other players' cities with neighborhoods (with scouting on your map) or with fellowship (you need to join with one fellowship) - no more ways to contact another city on app. Still - if you play on PC, you can search other players cities by clicking on your ranking number...
  12. kurgkurg

    Question Hold off entering new chapter

    you don't have to worry about making up to 10 k scores in a tournament, but if you want more, you have to think about it. I don't need extra expansions. I have a lot of unused free expansions anyway, and I don't know what useful to build on new ones.
  13. kurgkurg

    Question Hold off entering new chapter

    I have deleted my pretty high-level GA and MH for better fighting performance. I like the result :) Some other Aw too.
  14. kurgkurg

    Tournament Strategies

    in my A-world fighting city its not :) Thats why its fighting city sitting in best sweet spot. There my problem is scouting- more provinces needed :D
  15. kurgkurg

    Tournament Strategies

    The biggest problem for ch18 city to me is to make enough troops, to do let's say 15k score all the time. Space needed for settlement and more production buildings, I cant build so many armories what needed. Your squad size goes up, but if you want to do every next chapter, you cant prefer the...