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Recent content by Kittitian

  1. Flight of Fancy is recruiting

    We are a fairly relaxed group of players from all walks of life who are looking for a couple of new experienced members to replace inactive players. However if you are fairly new and enthusiastic then we would love to have you too. We only ask that you visit other members 4 times a week and...
  2. Fancy Free Recruiting

    Just a quick update, we now have a couple of spots open due to someone leaving us because of real life problems. All welcome to apply so check us out and come on over ;):cool:
  3. Playing for a month now and looking for a guild

    We are a laid back, friendly fellowship called Fancy Free who are currently looking for a new player. You can do as little or as much as you wish in the tourney or fellowship adventures so that's not a problem, check us out and if we look the sort of place you think you'd be happy let us know :)
  4. Norse Vikings

    We are looking for a new member to join our fellowship. If you are looking for a relaxed and friendly crowd to play the game with come and check us out. We have fun in the fellowship adventures and the tournaments but no one is pressured into participating in either, you can do as much or as...
  5. Fancy Free Recruiting

    We are a laid back fellowship who enjoy the game with no drama. Currently looking for a new member (could make room for 2 if you come as a pair). We enjoy the tournaments and the fellowship adventures but make no demands or pressure anyone into participating. Rules are few, we ask that you...
  6. Fancy Free

    Hi, we are a pretty relaxed and friendly fellowship with only a few rules ... 1. Try and visit other members at least 4 times a week 2. Be respectful of other members and help when you can. 3. Fair trades We do our best in the tournaments and felllowship adventures but there is no pressure, we...