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Recent content by Kethalia

  1. Kethalia

    Discussion The Tale of Gaelagil and Burukbrak continues

    It say in the write-up 'a dozen little rugrats'...but the picture shows 11.
  2. Kethalia

    Discussion New Feature: Challenges

    My husband and I started to play on the same day at pretty much the same time and our cities are of similar size, and he got the 3503 and I got the 4350, I think it must be random.
  3. Kethalia

    The most robbing and disgusting event ever!

    I've only been playing 1-2 weeks and I have never bought snowflakes, I've had 5 'prizes' which I think is a lot, but usually I do not do well with the RNG, I think you just had bad luck, nothing sinister, just unlucky. :(