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Recent content by Jedicris

  1. Jedicris

    RISE UP! RISE UP! Against Unfair Trading.

    I am totally fed up and frustrated with the preponderance of UNFAIR TRADES, especially in the Sentient Goods. All I see are zero and one star trades, some at ridiculous ratios. What makes it even worse is that my two star trades never get taken, in order to trade I have to post three star...
  2. Jedicris

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I think other discussion has preempted any reply I might make here. But I will make the point that the new evolving buildings require a lot of input and cost. Not everybody is able to evolve them to the high levels where they might be useful. Plus of course, they have to be fed in order to...
  3. Jedicris

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Just to add my two pennyworth. When I first started playing Elvenar (some time ago), I used to look forward to the Events, not any more. The prizes were good, not the half-hearted sops that we get now. If we chose to, we could discover the quests, plan and plot our way to meet them. Utilise...
  4. Jedicris

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! Just had my third consecutive "Scout 1 Province etc" quest. Getting really peeved off with this stupid format of "Event". Seems to me that every-time Inno "Improve" things, they just break it. Yours sincerely, Severely Disgruntled of UK
  5. Jedicris

    Answered Hot Keys Not Working

    Also on Beta as a confirmed bug.
  6. Jedicris

    Answered Hot Keys Not Working

    @Arimelde Thanks for that. Just been on Beta and found it is there as a confirmed bug.
  7. Jedicris

    Answered Hot Keys Not Working

    Hi, Anybody else having problems with the hot keys not working in HTML version? I noticed it on one EN server a couple of days ago. Now all EN servers seem to be affected.
  8. Jedicris

    Open Advanced Trader level 5 filter cut off

    So, with breath bated and full of eager anticipation I entered the new Guest Race. All went well until I upgraded my Trader. The goods filter is now too long and I am unable to see the last two goods. In order to view them, I have to adjust the browser zoom level from 100% to 90%. Another...
  9. Jedicris

    Repeated Stream Errors

    Ikarium, possibly, however if it was browser related surely it would occur in both Flash and HTML? Now trying Opera for a while, so far so good.
  10. Jedicris

    Repeated Stream Errors

    Really annoyed this morning. Started to play and got repeated stream errors every-time I tried to do something. After 7 of these, I switched to Flash from HTML and everything seems OK. So, is HTML a lot of old crock and when are they going to get it stable? Getting really fed up with this. GRRR!
  11. Jedicris

    Motivating Builders

    The App does make giving the required NH easier and having a specified icon for the builders is great. I use the App for all FS help but use the browser for Neighbours, in order to get the chests. Unless neighbours have their Builders near the main Hall, they don't get it. My life is too...
  12. Jedicris

    Answered Expansion Space Leftover

    I had rather thought that I would have to wait until Inno brought in the next chapter. The main thrust of my point was why Inno would provide a fixed number of provinces with no way to get them all. UNLESS of course I had missed something glaringly obvious. It does seem pointless to deprive...
  13. Jedicris

    Answered Expansion Space Leftover

    Hi, I have 1 expansion space in my City that I cannot access. I have ALL of the City expansions. I have maxed out my province expansions (457 provinces). I have no premium expansions available. So, how do I access the one remaining expansion space? Any suggestion? Thanks.
  14. Jedicris

    Discussion Elvenar's HTML5 client

    Just switched, so far Tech Tree has bits missing. Not liking the smaller text.
  15. Jedicris

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures are here!

    I think it was the previous adventure. I noticed that in the start waypoint it was showing as having all the contributions made, with me being one of the contributors. I hadn't made a contribution yet but did in the first one.