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Recent content by Jackob

  1. Jackob

    Update Discussion Version 1.30

    Is that "update" a joke?
  2. Jackob

    Diamond Sharing

    Good idea +1
  3. Jackob

    Competition to win Premium expansions

    Yes,i think thats very good idea. Inno, please make more competitions!
  4. Jackob

    Communication Ability to copy information from Message and Chat Windows

    But it is impossible to coppy from Chat window...
  5. Jackob

    WHAT IS THE "blueprint"

    Will be option to upgrade event buildings by blueprints?
  6. Jackob

    User Interface Notifications

    Yes, please make more pages...
  7. Jackob

    *** Mosaic Event ***

    Absolutely stunning as an idea and the art! IT IS SO PERFECT! I LOVE IT!
  8. Jackob

    Update Discussion Version 1.28

    I mainly play with people, but I also have an elven race. On people, I'm almost in the dwarfs. I play on the Polish server, but I have set up an account on this forum, because there are no moderators on the forum in Poland - there is only Community Manager, who ignored our comments and is...
  9. Jackob

    Update Discussion Version 1.28

    What about the game loading screen? Will there be another change? Can they leave this ugliness?
  10. Jackob

    Diamonds promotion.

    It works? Has anyone tried it?
  11. Jackob

    Discussion Upcoming: new forum skin

    Please come back old forum skin...
  12. Jackob

    Diamonds promotion.

    I wanted to ask you how is it with your promotions in the game? What time did you get a diamond discount when you started playing? I play four months and have not had any. I had only twice the promotion in which I could buy an army in a package ... And I bought diamonds only in the first week of...
  13. Jackob

    Update Discussion Version 1.28

    Although you can see delicate differences, these patches are not satisfied me :( what does not fit me? The list is long: - drunken blushes - the unnatural indentation in the after-retouching - please - scepter is disproportionately large, crown also - curves arms - neck like giraffes ... Really...