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Recent content by Jackal2

  1. Jackal2

    DOD needs more teammates

    The Dirty Orc Dozen currently has 2 empty places on the team. This team is ranked in the top100, it was started last summer. Our last FA event we ranked 55. I would like to see each city reach 500 points (experienced players) in tournaments, or 100 points (from my beginners). If your team is...
  2. Jackal2

    Answered knowledge points

    At the bottom right corner of your screen is a link to the Wiki pages, that's a resource tool it will help you with a lot of the basics on Elvenar.
  3. Jackal2

    Answered How to get more orcs?

    For my part when I work in the Spire, I have given up trying to convince the game to move me up the path. I tried using the convince button once discover I had spent 5 time the goods, supplies and coins asked for and still I ended up fighting to advance up the Spire.
  4. Jackal2

    Answered Ensorcelled endowment charms

    In order for the culture spell to have an effect in your city, other players need to pick that building. I have told my teams check the culture values around your city, then place spells on 5-6 buildings with the highest value. Most players will search for large buildings from a recent event...
  5. Jackal2

    Looking for relaxed fellowship

    Note: This is an old post, Satro has started growing with our team.
  6. Jackal2

    Fa players needed

    We are looking for players to help us with the up coming FA event, experience preferred. Willing to help new players too. This is a new team only 3 weeks old, but must of us are teammates with FA experience in Winy.
  7. Jackal2

    New Team; Experienced Leaders

    New team started in Arendyll. I need players with all levels of experience and every boosted goods. We have completed our first Tournament; reached 2nd chest with only 3 members. If you like to play in tournaments, and team events then you are invited to join us. NOTE: PC or Laptop...
  8. Jackal2

    New team; Experienced leader

    Brand new team started looking for players of all sizes, and boosted goods. I do expect all members to have part-time access to a PC or a laptop. If you only play with mobile app, please look for another FS. I like playing in tournaments, FA events, etc
  9. Jackal2

    Answered Dwarves chapter

    If you focus on upgrading your portal to the before all your settlement buildings, in the long run the chapter will move faster. I know this sounds like it will take to long to get there, but working on portal upgrades first will increase production from all settlement buildings by 20% in the...
  10. Jackal2

    Introduction to forum

    Iceman, Hello. Mystical lands of Elvenar, Welcome you. Yoda
  11. Jackal2

    Answered has anyone noticed fewer people are joining this game

    I have often found pockets void of cities, it also depends where new players choose to build their community.
  12. Jackal2

    Adventure players needed

    We are presently full but will consider interested parties. Send a note To Jackal2, Thaicat or Choellypip, if you like taking part in Tournaments, Adventures and help out your teammates as often as you can.
  13. Jackal2

    Answered Need advice on goods vs military

    The Monastery is great for helping to improve your troop health and decreasing casualties in the battlefield. Some other wonders you should consider using Needles of Tempest speeds up training time in Barracks, Bulwark trains sworddancers/axe barbarians every 3hr, Shrine of Shrooms does the...
  14. Jackal2

    Are you a solo player or part of an inactive team?

    There is an new FA starting tomorrow if you would like to take part. I have space for 5 new friends to join us before the event starts. Added interest will be given to anyone with a boost in Steel, Crystal and Elixir.