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Recent content by Irori

  1. Irori

    A Tangent

    XD Omg Is my intro rly that bad or did you just skip it? The poll is stand alone the message chain is for a "story about your city"... Did you even read the title? lol
  2. Irori

    A Tangent

    I think you kinda missed the point... Oh well...
  3. Irori

    A fistful of diamonds a day

    Really well put San and honestly most games have a login reward off some kind... Most games like this one anyway... Even a lill dimonds would be nice, just the option to be able to save up to buy something.
  4. Irori

    Chat Chat

    A worldwide chat. An elf only chat. A human only chat. And of course... Clan chat that doesn't vanish after a bit -_- Also I rly wish they would ad "friends list" just because players... oh I'm doing it aren't I... I guess former gods nag too huh... :p
  5. Irori

    Storytime - Tell us of your city

    (Story-time tell me a story of your city; here is mine...) The city of Enthes Enthes was founded by the Lunar clan, an ancient elven family who passed on it's city through generations; I am storyteller Sora & this... Is the story of Enthes the moving city. Enthes was built near an old cave...
  6. Irori

    Once upon a time there was a story.

    Wait what!? people read the "story"... I just click past it and make my own story XD
  7. Irori

    Favourite Building?

    So far my favorite building is the Magic Academy... I love magic so that building was a great addition to my village and it looks majestic, mysterious and old; like it really has a story to tell.
  8. Irori


    There are the lone wolfs but there are fellowships that do accept players that don't play a lot; I run a vacation fellowship for example. But yeah I agree this chat looks interesting lol O:)
  9. Irori

    Million Page (Chat)

    To lazy to read all this (dyslexia) so I'll just reply to this one xD Pillow, Computer, Black table, Mirror, Tv remote
  10. Irori

    Dedicate a song

    I want to dedicate this song to anyone who like good games and to anyone who has ever lost someone... Illusion by VNV NATION. Sorry if I used this post in the wrong way but... yeah... I thought it was a really nice idea to dedicate songs to people...
  11. Irori

    Answered Question? Does the helping hand stack?

    Well what ever the case it seems to work when it want's to, I was mostly wondering... I only play for fun and not competition... But yeah, thanks for confirming the after being polished bit. Good to know.
  12. Irori

    Answered Question? Does the helping hand stack?

    Sadly yes this just shows it's bugged because I've done this but my culture do not go up... Thanks for the fast reply.
  13. Irori

    New Game: The Person Below Me?

    Wow eh... okay... I eh... Got a husband? So gotta go... The person bellow me get's +1 billion in magical stats...
  14. Irori

    Rate the above user's name/profile pic (whichever one you want)

    I give you 4/10 because Foxy badger don't match your picture picture; which by the way looks a little undressed... I mean I get it, a badger don't wear clothes normally but... still... That's my vote anyway...