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Apr 29, 2017
Jul 25, 2016
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Apr 29, 2017
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    I [​IMG] video games.
    Mainly Geometry Dash. Personal achievements in GD(I'm not exactly the best player out there), 100% on Dear Nostalgists (My first demon), 100% on X (My second demon), 100% on Insomnia (One of the older demons), and also 100% on The Nightmare (Apparently one of the easiest demons out there).I've also beaten Quark and Deadlocked.
    My favourite deck in yugioh is Inzektors(I love'em [​IMG]). For meta, I usually use Merlanteans because my Monarchs aren't consistent enough[​IMG].
    I also play League of Legends now. My current top 3 are Shyvana, Jarvan IV, and Kayle (yeah I know, I suck :p). I like jungling though I'm probably not too good at it :p.
    I play Happy Wars on my Xbox360, I have basically nothing right now because my good account died and I don't have gold membership, favourite class overall is the Berserker.
    I also like reading. Big fan of the Warrior Cat series. Favourite cats are Lionblaze, and Leafpool (Leafpool is my profile picture because I couldn't find a good picture for Lionblaze). I also like The Elementia Chronicles, I'm not really a big fan of Minecraft but I like the series.
    My Profile Song (because I liked this feature from other forums): Dragon Rider by two steps from hell (and yes I know, for all you ygopro players out there, it's the song you get when you're winning. It's also some really epic music to use while playing Diep.io)
    My theme song: I Said Meow by Azazal and Said. (Best Song EVAR!!!)