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  1. Herodite

    Autumn Zodiac

    @TravelerSuzyq55745 There is a Facebook Link, Youtube Link, and Instagram Link on the Forum Homepage in the Right Hand Corner under "Follow Us" If you click on the Facebook Icon it will take you directly to our Page (same with the others). You will see Live Broadcasts from the developers and...
  2. Herodite

    Autumn Zodiac

    Hi @TravelerSuzyq55745 The Daily Tasks are tailored for the lower Chapters but I will certainly feedback that you are still having trouble fulfilling the Quests. As for Instagram, I don't believe there are any concerns with it at the moment! Give it another try. Alternatively we also have a page...
  3. Herodite

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Hi @rock stream This was the most "recent" one that I actually passed across, but there have been discussions prior to this that could probably be found in the archives: https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/ams-management-tools.13562/ Kind Regards Herodite.
  4. Herodite

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    @Hekata I think this was asked for a while ago, and by a while i'm talking almost 12mths ago! There was quite a discussion around it but it looks like they've gone ahead! I would assume/hope they will give the option to opt into this feature :) Kind Regards Herodite.
  5. Herodite

    Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    Hi Guys! That is interesting... i'll pass this information across to see if we can get some clarity! :) Kind Regards Herodite.
  6. Herodite

    Elvenar Scavenger Hunt - Contest Closing Soon!

    Dear Humans and Elves, Time is running out for you to submit your entry for the current Competition! If you haven't already done so, click on the following Link to solve Mauriels Puzzle and submit the correct combination. If you answer correctly you could be in with a chance to win some...
  7. Herodite

    Question Booster Spells

    @BlueBlou I think you get some Time Boosters as part of the starter Quests, and then a quest to use them if memory serves?... then again, it has been a while!!
  8. Herodite

    Open Unable to play on amazon device

    Hi @Stephen1 We have been made aware of this issue. If you could please raise a Ticket with our Support Team, they will happy to assist you further :) Kind Regards Herodite.
  9. Herodite

    Question Booster Spells

    @Torkan2021 I love a visual... :D So... if you have any Time Boosts in your inventory... As @Solanix has mentioned, you'll see the Hourglass Button (circled) in red on most things you can use them on... Press that, and it will take you to a screen where you can choose which Time Boost you...
  10. Herodite

    game play ( Zodiac task )

    Hi @TravelerSuzyq55745 you'll unlock the ability to ascend The Spire of Eternity at the start of Chapter 3 :) You can read all about it here: https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Spire_of_Eternity In the meantime, the Quests will give you the option to do another Task if of course you...
  11. Herodite

    Elvenar Scavenger Hunt. Unlock the hidden combination and open the sunken treasure!

    Hi @TravelerSuzyq55745 we do try and ensure that the Competitions will appeal to all of our Players no matter the Chapter so I apologise if you're struggling a bit with this one! We'll make sure to keep it in mind for the Future!
  12. Herodite

    Faster NH visits

    Hi @SkyRider99 this has previously been put forward to our Team and having looked I can still see it's on the table! So best thing I can say is to sit back and see what happens. I understand though, it is rather time consuming for Browser Players. I know some people that actually switch over to...
  13. Herodite

    UNDO button

    @Cheryn I think we've all fell victim to an error or two that has caused us to lose our heads in the game! I did it once before with a Level 15 Manufactory and almost lobbed my PC across the living room :D You invest a LOT of time into this game so I do understand :)
  14. Herodite

    UNDO button

    Hi @Cheryn I'm certain this was raised not long ago and I believe this was put forward however, I don't believe it is something that they would look to do unfortunately :confused: Kind Regards Herodite.
  15. Herodite


    Hi @Robie I apologise that you seem to be having further issues, but @CrazyWizard is correct, it is best to continue this conversation with a member of our Support Team :)