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Recent content by hawk the slayer

  1. hawk the slayer

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    So, having read a good deal of whats been said here just to be clear: growing a more powerful city is now gonna hurt me, getting my AW's up as high as I have is now gonna hurt me, buying ( yes - real money ) some premium expansions is now gonna hurt me. I've spent real money on this game...
  2. hawk the slayer

    Question Fellowship Adventure can you see who opened a chest.

    yeh - it should show in your notification
  3. hawk the slayer

    Question Blueprints

    ha ha --- you cant have too many answers ---- as long as there all the same anyway. Thanks guys, I felt sure you could do it but had no clue how
  4. hawk the slayer

    Question Blueprints

    Hiyah, I'm sure this has been asked before but I was losing the will to live trolling through the posts so ----- is there any way I can see how many blueprints I have in stock?? thanks
  5. hawk the slayer

    Question troops from even chests

    thanks Paladestar, just wanted to check before I collect any
  6. hawk the slayer

    Question troops from even chests

    Sorry if this has already been asked and answered but since the squads show in your inventory, if you collect them whilst the brown bear is active does it effect those troops as well??
  7. hawk the slayer

    Question No free game currency??

    Hi Guys, Dont most players we get an e-mail with a link to some free game currency when an event starts, or am I mistaken
  8. hawk the slayer

    Question Tournament rewards

    no one in our FS has either
  9. hawk the slayer

    Spire fighting problem

    yeh, thanks Julian, I'm locked out now 'til the gates timelock is over, if still the same I'll pop over a ticket
  10. hawk the slayer

    Spire fighting problem

    Hiyah, I'm having a problem with spire combat --- auto fight works ok but when I try a manual fight the blue "loading bar" only goes about half way and stays there. I've reloaded the game, I've tried rejoining combat and reteating but its no good so for now I can only auto fight. Anyone else...
  11. hawk the slayer

    Question Brown bear

    Thank you both, I wasn't sure :)
  12. hawk the slayer

    Question Brown bear

    Hiyah, Quick question concerning the brown bears abilty to boost the number of troops. If I have troops already trained but not yet collected does the boost effect those too or only the ones that are currently being trained??
  13. hawk the slayer

    Fellowship Adventure improvement??

    I'm just throwing this out there pretty much off the top my head but since FA's have become nothing more than a week long, boring chore for pitiful rewards that a lot of FS's dont even bother with (and half the players in mine didn't take part this time either). Why cant it made more "spire...
  14. hawk the slayer

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures with a twist!

    No, its not just you Sir Derf, I just read a post on one of the FB pages about it. Not too sure whats going on now