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Recent content by HappyRose

  1. HappyRose

    Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    Bracelets have increased 6% in chapter 19 and 52% in chapter 15 .. this is out of kilter
  2. HappyRose

    Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    Also bracelets on chapter 15 increased by 52%
  3. HappyRose

    New FA - top results on the EN worlds

    we had a good tussle in Felyndral.. and I want to thank my committed team for all the effort they put in to get Hunters in pole position.
  4. HappyRose

    Arch Mage Needed

    Thanks .. we have found our Arch
  5. HappyRose

    Arch Mage Needed

    would you make a good Arch ? I need to give over Travellers to another pair of hands as I’m not finding the time for all the cities I have … and need to retire this city… I’ve asked internally, but none of my team are willing to step forward .. This is a great team … we do gold spire every...
  6. HappyRose

    Question 33 days left on Spire

    Why do we have a count down on the Spire
  7. HappyRose

    So long and thanks for all the Poo

    Good luck and happy future gaming .. we will miss you too
  8. HappyRose

    Fabulous Fairies looking for an adventure nut

    Currently have 2 vacancies… enthusiasm is Our chief requirement regardless of your level.
  9. HappyRose

    Question Spectral stone in Spires

    I am also on App and mostly fight .. it’s my tiny city where I’m negotiating, and mistakes in a smaller city are comparatively more costly the placement of the spectral stone is dreadful… trying hard not to tap spectral by accident… please add my plea to the others to move it
  10. HappyRose

    Fellowship Progression

    We did have someone leave in the week after completing the spire … but if this now precludes Us from using the archive we should all be aware of this so we don’t move people to our “retirement “ fellowship except on Sundays .. we have Gold without the need of the archive … I’m waiting for a...
  11. HappyRose

    Fellowship Progression

    Our fellowship needs 8 points to complete the Spire.. I suggest you too check your Spire Perks as ours shows we need 77 points to unlock … I doubt we will need to use ours but it could be a problem if you leave it late in the day to check.. I have raised a ticket
  12. HappyRose

    Fabulous Fairies looking for an adventure nut

    If you want a Gold Spire fellowship… try us
  13. HappyRose

    Fabulous Fairies looking for an adventure nut

    looking for a Gold Spire fellowship? as you can see we may not be a top 50 fellowship but 22 gold spires since March and 2 first places in FA.. average of 15 chests each Tourney .. Maybe worth a message to HappyRose to find out more
  14. HappyRose

    Black Friday Deals

    Well it’s Friday! Dragon is a late riser? Still in his lair ..lol