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Recent content by Hair

  1. Closed | Contact Support My Tech tree can't be reached.

    When I click on the icon it starts loading as normal but then freezes about half way through and then the screen turns black and nothing more happens. This started happening at about the same time the new guest race arrived. I think I'm the only one experiencing this and everything else appears...
  2. Discussion Fellowship Adventures with a twist!

    The new interface is such a huge improvement. FAs are now worth playing to me whereas before I made only minimal contributions because all that clicking just made it not fun to play. Thank you so much.
  3. Update Discussion Version 1.32

    If Patzstoned is anything like mine, then 'have disappeared' would be an appropriate ending.:( They came back when I finished the Charming Tree event, but then went again when I logged out, including my new building.
  4. Useless rune shards

    Ah, I was hoping that once you reached level 15 you'd be able to deliberately break excess shards to contribute to other AWs. That's not too over powered to ask for is it? I'm still forging ahead with my AWs though. I like them.
  5. Answered Problems with Fairy quests.

    Shadowblack: You're a genius sir/madam. Mykan: You're correct and I'm an idiot. It has now been declined (along with the next one). I dislike dislining quests so I didn't notice that. these are exceptional circumstances though. Thank you for the list as well. That is very useful.
  6. Answered Problems with Fairy quests.

    Hi there folks. When I was doing the Fairy things, I concentrated on getting through and obtaining the fairy wonders, in particular I didn't bother getting the 'Trees and Lampions' technology since it wasn't necessary to progress. By the time I'd got the Fairy wonders I'd already got better...
  7. New Game Features Gifting Diamonds to other players.

    Summary: As the title says really. provide a means of gifting our diamonds to fellow players. Details: I personally don't like using diamonds in the game - it feels to me as if I'm winning by paying. That's just my personal take, I've got no problem with anybody else using diamonds - good for...