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Recent content by gypsylore

  1. gypsylore

    Seeking active fellowship

    Hi Itharbien,guardians of lost dreams are looking for an active member,fabulous friendly bunch of players,come join us
  2. gypsylore

    Looking for a tournament oriented fellowship

    Hi Stephen,please look at Guardians of lost dreams,we average around 4 to 5 chests but just need a few more members to achieve more,we have just started to try for a 10 chest every couple of months. Cheers Gypsy
  3. gypsylore

    Still looking for my perfect Fellowship

    Hi Helen,please have a look at Guardians Of Lost Dreams,we will welcome you into our fellowship,great core of long time members,we manage around 5 chests,no pressure,just happy to have a friendly and active fellowship
  4. gypsylore

    Looking for active fellowship

    Hi Hefartsalot,please give guardians of lost dreams a look,we are currently looking for active players
  5. gypsylore

    Looking for a Fellowship

    Guardians of lost dreams would welcome you into our fellowship
  6. gypsylore

    looking for fellowship that does tournaments

    Hi Fresca,would love to have you join with us at guardians of lost dreams,great long term players,helpful,friendly and yes we participate in tournaments.Cheers Gypsy
  7. gypsylore

    Looking for a very active & friendly FS

    Messaged you.Cheers Gypsy:)
  8. gypsylore

    Guardians Of Lost Dreams

    Still seeking new Members,we need you......:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::cool:
  9. gypsylore

    Guardians Of Lost Dreams

    Still looking for new members,check us out:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  10. gypsylore

    Guardians Of Lost Dreams

    Fabulous,see you soon
  11. gypsylore

    Guardians Of Lost Dreams

    Hi Pickless,i know what the problem is,you are playing in Felyndral not Arendyll. To join our fellowship you need to be playing in Arendyll,so if you do open up a city there please come visit us. I do have a city in Felyndral but play solo.Look in the Felyndral thread for fellowships in that...
  12. gypsylore

    Guardians Of Lost Dreams

    We can absolutely handle your craziness,tried to find you in search but couldn't locate you to send an invitation,can you drop by and request please. Cheers Gypsy I am a queenslander as well;):):)
  13. gypsylore

    Looking for a friendly, chill fellowship with 1-5 members

    Hey Pickless,would love to have you join with us,we are a great group,very helpful and looking for some new members,were waiting for you,drop in and see if we fit.Cheers Gypsy. Guardians of lost Dreams
  14. gypsylore

    Looking for a very active & friendly FS

    Come and join the guardians of lost dreams,mostly long term active players with a couple of spots up for grabs
  15. gypsylore

    Guardians Of Lost Dreams

    Still waiting for you to join with us,come try us out,if we don't fit,nothing lost