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Recent content by Gomplett

  1. Gomplett

    Over trading

    Why cheat in something that’s free, offers no financial reward and is plain and simple a game ??? What is an effective way to reduce cheating to a level where it achieves less than the effort of cheating? Or is it something we just have to put up with ?
  2. Gomplett

    Over trading

    I’m not convinced by the several responses to this post, or the angst about trading; There is so little PvP in this game it doesn’t matter what others do, and it’s unrealistic to expect to prevent “cheating” completely. I choose to play the app version which, according to many, places me at a...
  3. Gomplett

    Update Discussion Version 1.80

    I like the change for tournaments on the app version, much better thanks!
  4. Gomplett

    Why the large number of inactive players and fellowships?

    Of the cities within my 149 provinces, one has a message up saying “quit game” and there are another 45 spaces. Is that a record?? Not a big concern for me but trades are slow to be picked up even at 1:1 across tiers
  5. Gomplett

    Answered Chess set

    Thanks for all the replies, another piece has now appeared and ... I don’t have enough catalysts :( Patience isn’t one of my strong points
  6. Gomplett

    Discussion Evolution of the Phoenix

    Like an in-game advert? It’s easy to forget that what may be just fun for the players is the developers source of income
  7. Gomplett

    Answered Chess set

    Is the magic academy still offering pieces of the chess set ? I finally decided to collect it, got one piece and haven’t seen anymore for ages
  8. Gomplett

    Discussion Evolution of the Phoenix

    Do I detect cynicism??? :rolleyes:
  9. Gomplett

    The Adventures of GoldenFlower

    Yet another advantage of being mobile only :D I have a large percentage of inactive neighbours, one has even posted that they have quit the game but the coins still roll in from neighbourhood help I would like to hear how far you got last time and what you are hoping to ‘fix’ this time
  10. Gomplett

    Building challenge

    I like this event but don’t think I can get the top prize in the time available. I got off to a slow start cos I built extra workshops instead of manufactories :( Always read the instructions....
  11. Gomplett

    Answered Urgent help please

    As a gesture of goodwill Steve my Fire Phoenix is reborn Unlimited thank you’s to the Support Team for their quick and generous action I am renaming my Phoenix “Amy” to remind me to make sure my daughter is limited to ‘winning’ coins
  12. Gomplett

    Answered Urgent help please

    Thanks I’ve got everything crossed
  13. Gomplett

    Answered Urgent help please

    my 4 year old daughter has got into my city and deleted my level 9 Phoenix :( How can I get it back ?????
  14. Gomplett

    Discussion Evolution of the Phoenix

    I really enjoyed this event although my work and family life has suffered :rolleyes: I’ve got Steve up to level 9, never won any extra SE from the chests but on the second time the Wishing Well was offered as a daily prize I snagged 11 taking my total to 16 for the whole event :) Just need more...
  15. Gomplett

    Answered Fellowships

    You can also set up your own fellowship which gives you access to the extra events plus you can set your own rules ;) Most of the existing fellowships seem to have a long list of requirements and some exclude mobile only players For advice and support I hav got everything from these forums and...