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Recent content by Goddess Peace

  1. Question Brown Bear

    Thank you all for your input. I will hang on to my bears.
  2. Question Brown Bear

    Question : is it better to sell the chapter 3 level Brown bear ( not evolved) and re craft or to upgrade using royal restoration. Am tempted to sell it and re craft, but a bit worried it might not come around. Am now in chapter 6. Appreciate your input.
  3. Question 10 chest tournament

    Also the distaste is the fact they added to the tourney, after we announced & celebrated the fact we had sealed the 10th chest. ( with one day to go)
  4. Question 10 chest tournament

    well, we had planned on this ONCE off 10 chests adventure for about 3 weeks. whoever couldn't join in - would have excused themselves. and those who joined were expected to do their best. Yes, this fellow is an established player ( past Dwarf chapter). But yes, Pauly, you are right. we need to...
  5. Question 10 chest tournament

    Well, that kinda sux cos they kept out of it while the going was tough, and then when the chests were all secured - add the 30 points. One of us had to do 6000+ points to ensure we made the 10 chests . I guess I prefer fair play.
  6. Question 10 chest tournament

    Am curious. if in the tournament - the participating Fellows have attained 10 chest ( 1 day before close) - would a non participating fellow get the same reward if he/she comes along after the 10 chest has been secured and add 30 points to the tournament. Just to be clear - the 10 chests have...
  7. Crafting evolving buildings but no artefacts

    my question is in regards to crafting ( in the magic Academy) evolving buildings such as the Bears, Stonehenge, Mermaid Paradise etc, but I have not seen any artefacts to support these buildings. What is the point of crafting take for example Stonehenge - when it is never going to evolve cos...