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Recent content by Geminatrix

  1. Discussion Multiplayer in the Spire of Eternity

    thanks for the info. so does your old fellowship lose the points you made before you moved ?
  2. Discussion Multiplayer in the Spire of Eternity

    My apologies if this has already been covered but can anyone advise the effect to the player moving and fellowship, if the player moves within the spire being open/scoring points
  3. ElvenStats website - stats, ladders, and more

    I have messaged their last known game name (Baralinka) but I suspect they aren't actively playing it. Perhaps they are on holiday or busy irl. As Laurelin said .. its a free service provided so its hard to say anything other than it was very useful and I hope it's back soon
  4. ElvenStats website - stats, ladders, and more

    i'm trying to use the player info bit and its not loading .. any update on this?
  5. Update Discussion Version 1.96

    I have to agree also .. its disconcerting and unhelpful to always enter on the fellowship front page
  6. Question Where are this weeks fellowship spire rewards.

    Rewards seem to be there now I understand that rewards have changed since last time... now less Does Inno want us to play this game feature or not lol .. as it sure doesn't look like it to me
  7. Answered Phoenix eggs

    That's interesting to hear but would appreciate a moderator reply before i go down that road .. I am always crafting something in my MAs but they are not generally expensive CC wise.
  8. Answered Phoenix eggs

    That's my concern .. using space for little or no chance of improvement. Why can't we teleport them into our inventory lol .. so inflexible. But of course we see today the black friday packages offering 3 evolves for a lot of cash ... very sad
  9. Answered Phoenix eggs

    When this event was first held .. I placed all my eggs (yeah I know that was silly but I loved the idea of them) We've had maybe 1 event since then that offered phoenix evolves but no sign of more and in most of my cities 2 of the eggs are sat there on no or few evolves. I can't even put them...
  10. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I have to admit that I do see this as a contrived way of getting us to use up our inventory of instants & spending. Not unusual you might say as INNO are in this to make money but I have to admit that the sparkle has gone out of this event for me and I have slowed right down now. My main issue...
  11. Game Development - Considerations and Questions

    It is like life sometimes .. I think. To find that some much worked on prize becomes redundant or overtaken by something new. I know that if i was starting the game from new now .. I would look at the top rankers/cities at the end of the tech tree and think that it would take forever and a day...
  12. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    I do take the point that players who paid out cash for a premium building are a bit annoyed that it doesn't help them in events where quests are purely based on the number of buildings you can cram in .. but isn't that the case for all event quests that are numbers based ? we haven't seen this...
  13. Discussion Spire of Eternity

    this part of the game is for bored cashers imo ... must be some around or inno would have tweaked it some more
  14. Discussion Summer Mermaids

    For those that have time to work on the event and want the tier 1 goods and a few KP ... it's a decent summer event For me .. I am picking up a few nice dailies and chilling a bit now as I doubt I will place the event building in most of my cities. Maybe later on Elvenar can add a few more...
  15. Update Discussion Version 1.83

    the mobile app seems to be letting me in but then it only goes to 16 .. thanks for your update