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Recent content by gathsdell

  1. gathsdell

    Question Moonstone Library

    maybe you'll get lucky in the spire whilst you wait for the pwers that be :-//
  2. gathsdell

    real Elvenar

    Have you ever wished for an FS that is real?An "old school"FS rejuvenated? than join with us in The White Dragons !! We are currently making sweeping changes and we welcome new and motivated players. For us Young blood, old blood, The only requiset is passion and a love for -Elvenar.If this...
  3. gathsdell

    hover in army camp

    I still believe that having a hover for the army camp tab in training camps is a solid and valid idea. It is cumbersome to have to click back and forth when deciding which troops one needs to train.Most other things have a hover option I don't understand why this does not!! Just an idea
  4. gathsdell

    Looking for Fellowship

    ohh wait a moment I'm not mage in that world so if your interested send a message to our archmage Maria711 I'll let her know you'll be writing.DON't just press apply please.
  5. gathsdell

    Looking for Fellowship

    ahh I got you send me a message Gathsdell with the FS The White Dragons. could be you find a good home with us!!
  6. gathsdell

    Looking for Fellowship

    hey Indigoo which world are you in?
  7. gathsdell


    hey gypsy check out unfair odds in general discussion to see your not alone !!
  8. gathsdell

    unfair odds

    Hang in there Traveler, it will get easier!! the game is worth it the first newbie city is rough I know!! but it will get better.Don't let certain imperfections in the system get you down!!
  9. gathsdell

    World down?

    good one Pauly hahahahahahao_O
  10. gathsdell

    unfair odds

    This all is exactly my point yes perhaps there are ways around impossible fights,however the option offered is not only uncomfortable but rather difficult. as we know. Yep I have other bigger cities but as has been stated what about the start up first time player WITH ONLY 1 small city.Most...
  11. gathsdell

    unfair odds

    yep guess that's the solution or in 3 or 4 more researsh blocks I'll have 2 squad upgrades that shoul help
  12. gathsdell

    unfair odds

    yea I know it's just frustrating beating my head against the wall :-)) guess I should have crafted PF even if I don't have a pet just to have on hand!!
  13. gathsdell

    unfair odds

    hmm yes good thought just I don't have pets so never bothered to craft pet food. I guess if it comes up twice I'll do that
  14. gathsdell

    unfair odds

    I have a major complaint with this event!! It's the fight and win encounters,in my smallest city I am now frozen in the event as it is IMPOSSIBLE to win the 4 fight and win encounters I have literaly run my troops down to 0. It's that the squad sizes are too disproportionate and I can't win..won...
  15. gathsdell

    Open I have encountered an anomily between the wiki building size and acttuality

    ok I´ll check it out except how does one do that? heheeh sorry not so tech savy