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Recent content by gathsdell

  1. Question a little help please

    got it Thank you for the boost :-))
  2. Question portals

    Hey all I have a question I and another friendand guild member are both transitioning from dwarves to fairies(ch-6-7) and I have understood that there is a special quest thread that prompts me to sell my dwarven portal and acutrements and start to place faires. Which neither of us have recieved...
  3. Open help

    hey guys don't know why but I've read that between dwarves and fairies there seems to be a problem. No one gets the sell quest thread untill one has sold it.As well every time I try to log in to tech support I'm asked to make a new passcode very frustrating..please help
  4. Question a little help please

    ahhh haa support shall i go
  5. Question a little help please

    patiiently waiting shall I say
  6. Question a little help please

    nope been watching for it
  7. Question a little help please

    That's what I thought but I must be missing something because i've followed the quest thread, nothing my friend has gone even further This is why I'm asking
  8. Question a little help please

    I have just ended dwarves (ch 6) and as I have read I need to wait to see a quest thread which prompts me to sell off dwarvenportal etc. which I have not recieved as of yet. Am I missing something as well my friend (in my guild) as well has not recieved this quest prompt either. Has something...
  9. Question vision vapor

    spire if you're up to 3rd ch
  10. Looking for a new fellow

    what do you call yourselves as a fellowship?
  11. Question Blueprint

    well than cultural buildings only if you prefer
  12. Question Blueprint

    honestly I think that to mix magic residence upgrades and regular culture/summon building upgrades in using blueprints is very prohibitive.I completely agree in blueprint use for magic residence but to make soooo difficult to upgrade ie. craft upgrades for the rest of the plethora of buildings...
  13. cup and laurel

    ahh ok thanks alot
  14. cup and laurel

    Question what causes ones score next to the cup and laurel to decrease
  15. Question overall ranking

    what is that I'm doing that causes my ranking to decrease?