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Recent content by gandolfus

  1. gandolfus

    Members needed for MeisEntropia FS

    We are currently looking for relaxed players for a low stress relaxed Fellowship. If this sounds like a FS you'd like to join please contact Gandolfus and I'll arrange an invitation.
  2. gandolfus

    Looking for Active FS

    We also have space for a couple actives, invite sent, have a look :)
  3. gandolfus

    Closed | Archived [12946] No golden hands - neighborly help

    We've been trying to find a commonality in Beta, but no rhyme nor reason. This is a new thought, might be the clue the devs need :)
  4. gandolfus

    *** Mosaic Event ***

    Absolutely stunning as an idea and the art!
  5. gandolfus

    Update Discussion Version 1.28

    It has worked for me for since they changed in Beta :)
  6. gandolfus

    Closed | Archived Server Error, Stream Errors

    For what it's worth, the stream / internal error / server error looks (to me) to be worst at times of high play/load. Overnight (UK time) when few players, only one error noted by my wife and I.
  7. gandolfus

    Update Discussion Version 1.28

    Between my wife and I we have had ONE stream error in the last 12 hours, playing both UK worlds.
  8. gandolfus

    Diamonds promotion.

    If you're keen for a promo, you could try sending a ticket to support and say I'm looking to buy, but ONLY if there's a promo :)
  9. gandolfus

    Important Message about the Server Problems

    Yes,it is again broken
  10. gandolfus

    Important Message about the Server Problems

    I agree, all looks good on Winy, chat works , tourney battled ok, no errors :)
  11. gandolfus

    Update Discussion Version 1.28

    Server restart can be accomplished from remote. And even small tech companies have 24 hour on call IT folk. Took them several hours last night to resolve it, I'm not holding my breath :(
  12. gandolfus

    Request to refund Tournament Hour

    I agree, tourney pointless this week
  13. gandolfus

    Answered Things you didn't know about Event Buildings...

    Finished product is wonderful :)
  14. gandolfus

    Update Discussion Version 1.27

    Beta 1.29: Based on your feedback, the AI behaviour of Hellhounds/Cerberi is adjusted. They should now prefer eating Mages before having Light Melee units as a dessert.
  15. gandolfus

    Answered Things you didn't know about Event Buildings...

    Just recalled, I hear that if the player gains a large number of unique buildings there will be 2nd and even more pages in inventory for them.