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Recent content by frigidweirdo

  1. Sentient goods

    I have Moonstone there, but yes, it depends on whether I am producing it, and then losing it. That's the problem with goods that lose value/
  2. Magic Workshop and Residence

    Right, totally forgot about that. I'm at 170%, but it's been there so long I don't even think about it. I looked at my magic residence and it seems to be higher than it should too. So I guess they get the bonus too. Thanks.
  3. Magic Workshop and Residence

    I'm struggling to see the point of the Magic Workshop Okay, the wiki says a level 31 workshop produces 4,280 supplies per hour. However my level 31 workshop produces 6,885. I'm not sure why this is higher. I don't think there are any wonders which push this up, so why is this higher? The Magic...
  4. Discussion Evolution of the Phoenix

    The problem I'm having is that the information is all over the place. The best I can find is on Elvengems. It says "1st tier boosted goods +1" for level one, then "1st tier boosted goods +2" from level 5 and "1st tier boosted goods" from level 9. No amount of research is going to tell me what...
  5. Discussion Evolution of the Phoenix

    Okay, I'm a little confused about these evolving buildings. I just placed the Aureate one, and was expecting to see my good production boosted. But it didn't. Is it that you only get the good boost when you use the pet food? If so, this one sucks. But then I don't fight, so no point in...
  6. My city has been moved to an empty map

    Sure, no one is ever going to be happy. Someone has bad neighbours, like me, then they might be unhappy. They want to move. Or they have good neighbours and they don't want to move but they get moved. Forge of Empires had a system of changing things up with the groups you were in all the...
  7. My city has been moved to an empty map

    Perhaps some system whereby everyone gets to move and perhaps choose where they move to would work.
  8. Sentient goods and the Sunset Towers

    Thanks for that.
  9. Sentient goods and the Sunset Towers

    So, the Sunset Towers reduce the amount of Divine Seeds loss every day, does it also reduce the amount of Sentient Goods reduction or not? I can't find this info anywhere.
  10. Closed | Contact Support The map doesn't work on Opera

    So, I moved to Opera because Firefox and Chrome are annoying with the only two games that I play online. Went to Opera and it was fine, and now the map doesn't work. I get the border of old looking paper and just black in the middle. I noticed it yesterday and it's still there today.
  11. Chrome and the latest update

    I quit Chrome and went for Opera. Firefox wasn't working with another game, and Chrome was being dodgy with both games I play. They're telling people what to do, and it's annoying. I just got rid of an iPhone too, another "this is how you want it" thing from a multinational pain in the **** company.
  12. Closed | Contact Support Refusing to load, especially on neighbour help

    So, I live in China and the internet is notorious, even though I mostly use a VPN. However I've had issues with loading, especially when clicking on neighbour help. It simply won't load. I thought it might be a China issue. But I'm back in my home country and it's still happening. Having to...
  13. Closed | Contact Support Can't log in/get past 16/25

    So, this has been going on for over an hour and a half. I was last able to log in about 3 hours ago. On Chrome it just stops at 16/25. I use a VPN and I've tried different servers, same result, the rest of the internet is fine. On Firefox it says "Context3D not available! Possible reasons...
  14. Spending KP when using mobile app

    And now it seems the tournaments are only giving KP which can be spent in wonders and nowhere else, which is kind of ridiculous.
  15. Looking for a FS

    Hi I'm looking for a fellowship again. However I'm looking for a FS that takes things seriously. I've left my last two FS because there were people in those FS who were literally putting in 30 points on a Wednesday into the Tournament and taking all the prizes having done nothing else for...