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Recent content by Friezara

  1. New openings in White Phoenix

    We have juist had a new opening. See the first thread post for more.
  2. New openings in White Phoenix

    More so than zero points which was our entry point up until now. ;)
  3. New openings in White Phoenix

    One place free We have sadly lost a great fellow who has moved to a Fellowship in the top 30! Our loss but their gain. But possibly your gain too as we now have a free position. To keep us well balance with boosted productions our new recruit should ideally produce boosted Crystal and /or...
  4. White Dragon is recruiting

    We are currently at full capacity. By all means visit us within the game and if we have less than our full quota, please apply.
  5. White Dragon is recruiting

    We have a new vacancy. Please apply within the game.
  6. White Dragon is recruiting

    Hi Balloo, My apologies as I have only just seen your post! You sound like just our sort of player. Most of our members are also UK based so you would also be in sync with the team. We are currently maxed out but we do have a sleeper or two who we all agree should leave, so we can make room for...
  7. White Dragon is recruiting

    One slot left for an active and sociable player. :)
  8. White Dragon is recruiting

    We still have a couple of places available.
  9. White Dragon is recruiting

    One place has been taken. Only two more available at the moment.
  10. White Dragon is recruiting

    We are a fairly laid back fellowship, and as long as you are friendly and courteous, remain active and join in with the fellowship in trades, visits and chat, you are welcome to join us. There is one main rule here : It is the members who make the rules. Members working for each other. Check...
  11. New player seeking Fellowship (Arendyll)

    I was about to send you an invite to White Phoenix, but i see you haven't just found a fellowship - you are the archmage! If you get any overspill, please keep us in mind. :)
  12. White Phoenix is recruiting

    We are a fairly new fellowship which was born in Dec 2016 by a few players who play regularly (daily). We wanted a fellowship which was run by the members in a fair and undemanding way. We are currently looking for friendly new members who can play once or twice a week at least, and will join...