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Recent content by Foxylady14

  1. New Dark Age

    Looking to recruit active players. Must make 3 visits a week and enjoy joining in tournaments. Please message me if you are interested.
  2. Communication Messages within Fellowships

    It would be really helpful if there was a way of pinning a message to the top of the thread and other replies go below. Important information for the fellowship gets lost otherwise. Or a central board where info can be placed so all could see it within you FS. Really need this when all...
  3. Looking for an active fellowship that does tourney's

    Hi, I am the AM for New Dark Age and we currently have 22/25 players in our FS. We are actively looking for active team members. For the first time we cleared chest 9 in the last tournament, so on our way to Chest 10. We only ask that you make 3 visits a week and do fair trades. If you are...
  4. Looking for Active Trading-Tournament FS

    Hi Elannor, I have recently taken over as AM in an active FS called New Dark Age. For the first time last week we cleared chest 9 so on our way to chest 10. We are all active daily players and trying to increase our players, currently 22/25. If you are interested then please let me know. The...
  5. New Dark Age - Winyandor

    Hi Everyone, I have just taken over as Archmage in Winyandor and looking to recruit 2 more members to a very active fellowship called New Dark Age. We are a sociable bunch and enter into the Tournaments and Adventures. Plenty of help and advice to those that need it. If you would like to join us...
  6. The Fenlanders.

    Looking for active members, only rules are you have fun, enjoy chatting & make 3 visits a week. If you are interested please send message.
  7. Central Store for FA productions

    This would be a brilliant idea. Our FS has players across the world with different time zones. To have a central area where they can place good for storage which would be available for the FA co-ordinators to access and place on the maps when needed would help considerably.