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Recent content by ExplorerPitt

  1. Discussion Evolution of the Phoenix

    I have, I finished all 118 sequential quests a couple of days ago and was expecting to only have daily quests and egg drops until the end but now another quest has appeared, I'm not complaining, just curious as there seems to be nothing announcing this.
  2. Answered Fellowship Adventure ~ when is it starting?

    I am seeing a lot of mention in peoples answers about stress and putting their city on hold on here and on Facebook. My Fs has been ready and waiting along with everyone else. Relax, it is just a game we don't have deadlines for reaching goals in our cities. This really shouldn't be causing any...
  3. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Oh well my Fs is just ready a little ahead of time, it will start when it starts.
  4. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Doesn't it usually start 1 week after starting in Beta?
  5. VOYAGERS are looking for two lovely people to join the team.

    There is only one space left in Voyagers now, if we look like the sort of Fellowship you would like to be a part of get in touch. Rosie forgot to mention we came 4th place in the last Fellowship Adventures against much higher ranked Fellowships and this was all down to having a fantastic team...