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Recent content by elvent

  1. Your worlds experience

    Spending Diamonds does not have to be done on the buildings. You can use them on so many many other things. Yes for sure if the player has a level 3 builder or MA they have probably bought Diamonds (not always, but for beginners probably) Players could spend on research or upgrades and still...
  2. adventure announcement

    How long do the Adventures run for? I forget?
  3. Count to 10 before a Mod

    You didn’t eat any? Not even ONE?
  4. Count to 10 before a Mod

    cuts it in half......now we have two! (Dont let Dizzy Lizzie eat them this time!)
  5. Count to 10 before a Mod

    If you cut it in half so we can share..... that gives us 7
  6. Count to 10 before a Mod

    Stopped by the shop on the way home. Now we have 5
  7. Count to 10 before a Mod

    3 left in the box luckily
  8. Count to 10 before a Mod

    1 of us is a donut thief!
  9. Count to 10 before a Mod

    cries.......you did not even leave us 1?
  10. Count to 10 before a Mod

    5 donuts.......you can never have too many donuts!
  11. Count to 10 before a Mod

    3 of us like donuts! why did Lizzie eat them all????
  12. Barracks, armories and training grounds.

    you will need upgraded Armouries to produce Orcs.....without Orcs you will not be able to negotiate province, tournament provinces, complete quests and otherwise progress You only need barracks if you wish to fight, or complete quests, or FA badges (although you cannot delete your barracks) I...
  13. Count to 10 before a Mod

    5 chicken wings
  14. Update Discussion Version 1.62

    There was a quest to join , or at least apply to join, a fellowship when i ws there, but yes you are right the bonuses of actually having a fellowship are not explained in great detail. You need to be in a fellowship to understand the need for such
  15. a few suggestions

    Are you sure? I thought players posted 15 lots of smaller trades so us smaller players could actually trade?